Skull Heartbeats Tech Belt

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Hear that? That's the sound of your heart skipping while walking down the street with this belt on. Our Skull HeartbeatĀ belt is made for days when you felt like kicking butt and taking names. Design by Datsun Tran</ br> Concept by Jon Wye and Datsun Tran

Available in 1.5" width and 1" width. Precision German made magnetic buckle closure. Buckles grab and lock when both sides are in close proximity to one-another. Pull tab to release buckle. Images are embedded in the fibers of the synthetic webbing using our in-house sublimation process. Webbing is custom loomed for Jon Wye in Pennsylvania. Large adjustable range for each belt size. * Special note: For 1.5" straps the buckles are 2" wide, and for 1" straps the buckles are 1.5" wide. As such the 1.5" wide belts may be tight through your pant loops. Fits most modern jeans loops and tech pants, but please double check the pants you plan to wear with.