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From our dark, dank and damp workshop in Washington DC to your warm and cozy home (can we visit) anywhere in the world.

Most of our items are made to order and can require differing amounts of production time based on a number of factors. For example guitar straps have many gluing stages that require dry time before sewing.

Below is an estimate of production times for most of our items. Please estimate your item's arrival time by adding the production time and shipping time.

Belts                 1-3 business days
Executive Belts       2-4 days
T-shirts and Aprons   1 business day
Guitar Straps         3-5 business days
Camera Straps         3-5 business days
Wallets               2 business days

Domestic Shipping (USA)

Do you live in the United States? So do I. Have we met before?

Shipping anywhere in the USA, no matter the weight is only $4.25!

2-5 day shipping post-production of your order.

International Shipping

Shipping to the rest of the known Universe is also very reasonable considering the cost to fill up our space-dirigible.

Shipping times can vary drastically for international orders and it is not uncommon for orders to take 1-3 weeks as they need to pass through your country's customs.

Please note we are NOT responsible for your import taxes. There may be additional fees when your package arrives.

See our fancy shipping table below.

Canada            USD $7
Australia         USD $10
Mexico            USD $13
France            USD $12
Japan             USD $18
Everywhere else   USD $14