Production Time + Shipping Time = Arrival

Estimated production times:

Belts 2-3 weeks
T-shirts  7-10 business days
Guitar Straps 2-5 weeks
Camera Straps 2-5 weeks
Wallets 2-3 weeks
Handbags 2-3 weeks
Sling Bags 3-5 weeks

Domestic Shipping (USA)

First Class Shipping (2-5 business days) anywhere in the USA $6

Priority Shipping (2-3 business days) anywhere in the USA - $9

Please be patient with the United States Postal Service, which keeps our Democracy going. Fun fact, the postal system in Ghengis Khan’s  Empire was held in similar esteem to the military. 

International Shipping

Shipping times can vary drastically for international orders and it is not uncommon for orders to take 1-3 weeks as they need to pass through your country's customs.

Please note YOU are responsible for your import taxes. There may be additional fees when your package arrives.

See our fancy two line shipping table below.

Canada USD $18
Worldwide USD $22