Jon Wye Bio
Jon Wye

I started the company because of a first date with a girl named Piper. I learned responsibility from a girl named Nikki. I became more outgoing, more of a salesman, because of my friend, and now photographer, Keith Lane. The company started taking off because of a stranger, and customer, and now confidant, Jeff Ball, taking a chance on me. I learned to surround myself with such good people because of my family and two childhood friends, Jacob and Brian. 

I’m a little lucky. I work extremely hard. I try to hold myself to the Platinum Rule. I seek more from life than would have been allotted me in a normal course of events.

If a poetic rendition of my life were made into a movie I would be the son of the factory worker who wants to take in more of the world. In reality I am the son of two very smart and hard working parents, so to push myself to be more than that can hurt my little brain at times. I push myself to be more as a sign of gratitude. I take the support they have given me and have chosen to create a life that can potentially have a bigger, more positive, impact on the world.

 I have no clue where I'm going with this. I open my mind to the universe and vomit what I am told...that my friends is called creativity. I'm hoping it all means something. And I think it does. For me it's all about the journey, not the destination.