KID'S 2020 Mystery T-Shirt Bonanza

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Design by Jon Wye Concept by Jon Wye

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you purchase more than 3 Mystery tees additional shipping charges will occur. We will contact you to settle the balance. 


It's been a while since we've launched a Mystery T-shirt deal. With 2020 not exactly mimicking the start of the roaring 20's we all could use a little fun boost. For a limited time I am offering our Mystery T-shirts for $5 each, unlimited quantity. You will be guaranteed that you will not receive duplicates in this order. I cannot guarantee you will not receive a duplicate of one you already own or a duplicate if you place a later order for more random packages of t-shirt. We color coded our random shirts but did not label the packages. We are truly picking and packing blind and only aware of size and sex and that you won't receive a duplicate in your order. The stock used for these random packs comes from prototypes, one-off prints, NEW shirts, unreleased shirts, discount shirts, and shirts with might stitching imperfections that have been fixed, such as where tags have been removed. NO returns, NO exchanges, NO regrets. Have faith in your local designer, live a little risky, feel the rush! Most of the Jon Wye t-shirts are limited prints and they are bound to go fast!