Raccoon Festival Minimal Wallet

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Leather Earbud Pockets. Roll up your wily earbuds and stuff them in our earbud pocket to keep from getting tangled in your bag or the back pocket of your jeans. Approx 2 3/4" by 2 3/4". Also the perfect size for holding two condoms. Some folks use them for business cards or a cheap wallet.

We make one wallet. It’s so simple and so perfect, the end. The most time consuming product in our line. 


  • Dimensions: 2.5” Tall by 4” wide
  • Spring Money Clip has a flexible shaft allowing your wallet to naturally flex with everyday use

100% made and sourced in the USA. 

  • 100% Genuine Leather sourced from Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Thread made in New York
  • Handcrafted in Washington, DC
  • Spring money clip made in China
  • Water-based leather adhesive imported from Italy (better environmental standards)

Wallet Life and Care Instructions: 

Leather gets slightly wet - Wipe off with clean cloth.

Leather gets soaking wet - Do not wear while wet. Lay flat to dry. Do not apply heat.

Leather gets dirty - Use a lightly damp soft cloth to wipe away dirt. Let air dry.

Let your body heat soften the leather. 

What to expect:

Graphic images are embedded IN the leather using our super secret process. The leather is protected with three coatings of our proprietary sealant making it scratch and water resistant. Think of it like a tattoo in leather. 

As the leather naturally darkens with age, the images will darken proportionally. Think about your brown leather shoes or leather jacket… they get a little darker with age. 

The card pocket on your wallet will form around the amount of cards you stuff in the pocket. That pocket can hold a lot of cards, but please form the leather slowly. Day 1, 1-2 cards; Day 2, card 3; Day 4, card 5, etc. Break it in slowly. No chemicals needed. The heat from your body, as you carry it in your pocket, will do the work slowly and properly.