M.C. Cheetah Sling

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M.C. Cheetah is a collision course of abstract geometric shapes and our sexy Cheetah queen.  Riddled with marigold, teal, fuschia and orange slicing shapes, she surely conquers.  

6.9 prototypes to make a classic traveling sling. Our most complicated construction yet. All of us at the workshop are so proud of our newest accomplishment. Clean. Simple. Beautiful. 


  • Magnetic clasp on strap for quick release and removal 
  • X-Type zipper: zipper on each end of the sling 
  • Magnetic zipper on the side of the sling hides a leather gusset that allows for super wide opening
  • Wide single pocket design
  • Quick adjust pull on sling strap features an open loop for clipping keys and finery

Sling Dimensions: 

  • Height: 6.5" 
  • Width: 10" 
  • Depth: 3"
  • Adjustable crossbody strap allows for body circumference of approx. 42” to 64” 


Handmade in our Washington DC Workshop

  • 100% Genuine Leather sourced from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Brasil, Italy
  • YKK waterproof zipper
  • Magnetic Closure from Korea
  • Webbing from Viet Nam
  • Water-based leather adhesive imported from Italy (better environmental standards)

Sling Life and Care Instructions: 


Life of Your Sling:

The synthetic webbing will get much softer shortly after you begin to use it. The leather of the bag will soften as you wear it and it forms to your body. Like all good leather bags it will wrinkle and take on a darker patina as the leather is broken in. Don't be affraid of contorting your bag. It is designed for utility and fashion. See the "What to expect" tab for more info on the graphic leather. 


Continued Care:

Once your bag begins to soften and take on all those beautiful leather wrinkles apply a leather balm to further protect the surface of the leather. 


Wet or Dirty Sling?

  • Leather gets slightly wet - Wipe off with clean cloth
  • Leather gets soaking wet - Do not wear while wet. Fill the bag loosly with clean crumbpled paper to fill out the bag. Leave zipper open to allow for air cirulation. Leave bag to dry completely. Your leather will darken a bit. 
  • Leather gets dirty - Use a lightly damp soft cloth to wipe away dirt. Let air dry.

What to expect:

Graphic images are embedded IN the leather using our super secret process. The leather is protected with three coatings of our proprietary sealant making it scratch and water resistant. Think of it like a tattoo in leather.

Like any good pair of leather boots or jacket your leather will darken over time, developing a beautiful patina. Because the images are embedded in the leather, and not a surface coating or liminate, the colors in the images of the belt will age proportionatly with the leather. 

The leather on your sling will soften and wrinkle significantly as you form it to your body. We suggest using a proective coating once the leather begins to soften.