Nix Guitar Strap

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Drew Nix of the Red Clay Strays rocks this guitar strap and so can you! 

Bright marigold yellow with a distressed, new indian print on it of greens, crimson and black.  Shown with a custom red diamond backing, this strap can be backed with any color leather we have in stock! 

We are happy to work with you if you prefer a different backing color, just shoot us email! 

Photographed & comes with standard black leather adjutment strap. 


A classic guitar strap form embellished with our unique patterns. 

Guitar Strap Life and Care Instructions: 

Let your body heat and normal use break in your guitar strap.

  • Leather guitar strap gets slightly wet - Wipe off with clean cloth.
  • Leather guitar strap gets soaking wet - Do not use while wet. Remove adjustment strap from main guitar strap. Lay both straps flat to dry. Do not apply heat.
  • Leather guitar strap gets dirty - Use a lightly damp soft cloth to wipe away dirt. Let air dry.

What to expect:

Graphic images are embedded IN the leather using our super secret process. The leather is protected with three coatings of our proprietary sealant making it scratch and water resistant. Think of it like a tattoo in leather. 

As the leather naturally darkens with age, the images will darken proportionally. Think about your brown leather shoes or leather jacket… they get a little darker with age.