Mod Dot Hunter Green Small Clutch

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A luxurious and rich hunter green in our mod dot pattern.  Our newest solid colors are POPPING!

Imported from Italy, stellar embossed leather. 


Handbag life and care instructions:

Made of imported embossed Italian leather.  Little is needed to protect this leather. If you would like to use a product we suggest a leather protective balm. 

  • Leather gets slightly wet - Wipe off with clean cloth
  • Leather gets soaking wet - Do not wear while wet. Fill the bag loosly with clean crumbpled paper to fill out the bag. Do not lock the bag. Allow the bag flap to rest naturally. Leave bag to dry completely. Your leather will darken a bit. 
  • Leather gets dirty - Use a lightly damp soft cloth to wipe away dirt. Let air dry.