Dexter in the Candlelight Squirrel Print

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His paws freshly manicured, Dexter enjoys a Petite Syrah after the Mrs. has retired to bed.  This is his alone time and glistening in the candlelight, he reflects. 

  • 8” X 10” Print on archival photo paper
  • Ships in a protective plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.
  • Printed in-house on our Epson SureLab printer. It’s so cool!
  • Does NOT come framed

These prints are a combination of AI generated art and traditional art skill. Each print concept requires about 10-20 hours of work to achieve this level of fantastical detail. The prints are far more than the few sentences used to start each concept. As AI generative art is new and not well understood I will always note if the art on my website includes AI generated elements. Otherwise the art is created by me and my talented artists. I believe one day AI image generation will settle as an established medium and will open new doors of creativity. AI image generation has allowed me to stretch my imagination faster than traditional drawing and added a meditative element to my work. This series of prints are a deeper look into what goes on in my noggin.