Anatomy of a Jon Wye Belt


100% full grain vegetable tanned leather

No chromium or other bad chemicals have been used to process our leathers. All the hides for our graphics leather goods come from Mt. Hope, OH in one of the hearts of Amish country.

Using a custom built machine images are imbedded in the leather like that of a tattoo. A water-based protective coating is applied to give the belts scratch and water resistance.


Custom rivets made in the USA

Each rivet is embellished with a little explosion design from NYC artist David William (aka d.billy). These little guys are custom made in Wisconsin to fit an old riveting machine from the 1980's. It's no small task to have small metal parts like these made in the USA. It was a long search.

Roller Buckle

Stainless Steel Buckles

No nickel coating or cheap paints. The refined silver finish you see is natural and accented only with a clear oil coating to give the metal a slight patina. No need to worry about nickel allergies from cheap nickel plating as there is none. These are one of the only things we have made over seas, but we would love to bring it to the USA one day. If anyone out there has any leads on a USA manufacturer capable of making stainless steel buckles please contact us.