Sweet Potato Banana Muffins

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FREE MUFFINS! I'm giving away 20 orders of muffins just for fun, and baked by me. Each order will contain 6 muffins. Limit one per household. Like a lot folks I am baking during this pandemic. And I have been perfecting my recipe as the workshop is a bit slow now. They are very yummy when warmed up with a little slab of cold butter on top. *Rolls eyes in ecstasy* They are also very healthy. See below for ingredients and in case you are allergic to anything. If you are having a rough go of it, these muffins are for you! USE CODE: "MORNINGMUFFINS" to zero out the cost during checkout. Stay safe everyone! Ingredients: Sweet potato Banana Almond and Cashew Milk Olive oil Flaxseed Rice flour Coconut flour Maple Syrup Baking powder Himalayan salt Nutmeg Turmeric Cloves Cinnamon Ginger
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