Sapana Coffee & Jon Wye Collab

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Why buy coffee from an apparel company?

My friends have helped me realize I am a particular person. I can sleep naked under the stars, bathe in freezing water, eat from the same unwashed bowl for weeks, and also have a five part skin care regime before bed. 

Building my brand - traveling all over the USA, sleeping on countless sofas and floors - has allowed me to feel at ease anywhere but also relish my comforts. If I have a choice in what I consume I want it to be an amazing experience. 

During the height of the pandemic I bonded with a fellow adventurer, Anthony Mancini, who founded a non-profit, Elevate Nepal (, to build schools and bring economic mobility to farmers through sustainable farming practices. Anthony funds these efforts in part by selling Nepalese coffee imported through his non-profit.

Anthony introduced me to Nepalese coffee, some of the best coffee in the world.

Nepalese coffee takes on characteristics of the region that it’s cultivated in. There’s only one Himalayan mountain range in the world, which means the conditions created on these coffee farms can only exist on that hillside where the bean is grown. The steep mountain slopes of the Himalayan foot hills make it difficult for large coffee plantations to exist. Small farms with their own microclimates contribute to this uniquely rare coffee. The next hillside over from where one coffee bean is grown can have a slightly different climate and soil condition based on the foliage that thrives and decomposes in that specific hillside. 

It's not typical for coffee to be grown in a place like this. Most people don’t even think it’s possible to grow coffee in Nepal, but the Himalayas create such unique weather pocket patterns where coffee can thrive. 

The coffee is bourbon arabica - grown at 1400m.a.s.l. The elevation creates a denser bean coffee then can be grown at lower elevation.

Do a quick google search for Elevate Nepal and Sapana Coffee. We are selling the coffee for the same price. I don't want or need any money from the sale of this coffee. I want to bring attention to a great product and a great cause. This coffee is one degree removed from the farmers who grow it and it is less expensive than buying Nepalese coffee from specialty distributers. 

Enjoy a new coffee experience. 


1/2 lb bag of premium medium roasted Nepalese coffee grown in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. 

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