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Design by Jon Wye Concept by Jon Wye This is our Unicorn level of service (unicorns are rarer than platinum). We work directly with you to create the storyline guitar strap of your dreams. This is 100% original. You tell us what you want and we make it. Can take approximately 2-4 weeks. See Description tab for more information. 2.5" Wide Veg-Tanned Leather Guitar Strap w/ soft black leather welting (edging/piping) to create a soft feel against your neck. Black Leather underside continues to the nose of the guitar strap to hide all seams and reinforce the nose. Comes with a double sided leather adjustment strap with a stitched edge. Images embedded in the leather like a tattoo and protected with a proprietary scratch and water resistant coating. All sales are final on custom custom guitar straps. This supersedes our regular return policy.
All sales are final once the collaboration begins. The supersedes our regular return policy. Please contact us if you have any questions about this custom option. All artwork in collaboration with Jonathon Wye, LLC is under copyright by Jonathon Wye, LLC and owned by Jonathon Wye, LLC and may not be reproduced or sold. Jonathon Wye, LLC will not reproduce any custom belts without permission of the customer. Think of it like this... if you bought the original Mona Lisa you would own the physical painting but would not have permission to make copies and sell it to others as that would be the sole right of Leonardo da Vinci.