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Custom Designs

Your custom JonWye leather item will exist no where else in THIS Universe.

Pricing varies based on how much work we need to lend to the project.

The rule of thumb is if you can provide the artwork the cost is the same as if you bought one of our JonWye designed items. Pricing goes up based on how much work we need to do to realize your vision. See below.


You're a good artist and well versed in Photoshop. We discus your sizing and art dimensions and you provide us with the artwork ready to go. Pricing is the same as a regular JonWye designed item. No additional charges.


You've got a good idea of what you want and have all of the artwork or photos ready to go but need help making it work on a belt or guitar strap, etc. We add a nominal $30 charge to these items and have one of our talented artist help collage and organize your dream belt.

100% Custom

This is our Unicorn level of service (unicorns are rarer than platinum). We work directly with you to create the storyline of your dreams. This is 100% original. You tell us what you want and we make it. Approximately 2-4 weeks.

Custom Belts

Custom Guitar Straps