Hairy Styles Small Clutch

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Our signature clutches feature an origami inspired construction. One continuous piece of leather makes up the body of the clutch. The clutch is folded onto itself and joined with riveted leather spines, reinforcing the construction. The spines are capped with a small D- ring on each side to attach a clutch strap or purse strap.

The locking hardware features a twist lock that is easy to find without needing to look at the bag. The hardware is surface mounted allowing for easy repair in case you run over your purse with your car.

Everything about our signature bags is designed to be tough and elegant in their simplicity. Just like the belts we started with in 2004, we focus on utilitarian design for longevity.


Special notes for hair-on leather clutches:

Hair grain direction will be unique with each clutch.

The most petable clutch we make.

Like all of the leather goods that we sell, the hides are byproducts of the meat industry. This means that the animal was not used just for its skin, which are considered exotic leathers.

Our hair-on clutch features a metallic vintage snakeskin lining leather. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

A special clutch like this requires some extra special features. The spines and straps of these clutches are made of wax stuffed American leather. We matched the tone of the hair-on hides with the spines and strap for a clean and calm look.


- Width: 8" - Height: 4.5" - Depth: 1.5"

Care instructions: Love on it and it will love on you. Over time your clutch-purse will develop a natural patina. If your clutch-purse ever becomes soaked, dry it immediately but don’t apply heat. Water + abrasion are bad for any leather. For cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth to clean surface gunk like cheeseburger grease. I don’t know, you tell me why you got cheeseburger grease on your new bag. I understand if you wanted to sneak a McDonald’s cheeseburger into the movies, but you should have left the wrapping on. :)