Nat Emmett

Nat Emmett is a freelance illustrator currently living in Savannah, GA where he is working on a BFA for illustration. Nat acknowledges that he doesn’t know what he’d do if not creating: he’s always drawing in his sketchbook and filling it with a population of characters and environments that all hold specific places in his mind. Nat loves music and is always trying to keep up with the crazy emotions and imagery that it provides for him. His style has always had a direct influence from music and how it relates to personal experiences; most of Nat’s work is an attempt at a translation of music and how it makes him feel. Nat sees his art as a way to translate experiences from life and share them with the world, creating imagery with a sense of nostalgia and hidden depth with characters and worlds that transport your mind to another place. Nat loves watching documentaries to explore the way they provide a chance to catch a glimpse of different experiences and situations in which people find themselves. He could sit for days and people watch, always finding himself interested in the quirks that different people have, the special something to observe and actually see what makes us all individuals. Nat says he still has a lot to learn about his art and life in general, but is confident in his direction and invites you to be part of it.