CUSTOM BELT (from your kids)

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Design by Jon Wye Concept by Jon Wye Despite what you tell your extended family you know your child's artwork is no better than attaching crayons to your dog's paws and whispering "walk", but you love it anyway. It's your kids artwork and that is beautiful. Select this custom belt option if you want to put your child's artwork on a belt (or your own). We send you a few sheets of art paper cut to the size of your belt and you have your kid draw something amazing on it... drawing, painting, finger painting, crayons, dirt, mud, etc. Fill the paper with art, ship it back, and in 2-3 weeks we send you an amazing custom belt. 1.5" Wide Veg-Tanned Leather Belt. 2" Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Buckle Images embedded in the leather like a tattoo and protected with a proprietary scratch and water resistant coating. All sales are final on custom belts. This supersedes our regular return policy.
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