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  • Design Party

    Last night was another all night brainstorming session. Heidi and I were trying to finalize the layout for the remaining "coming soon" pages on the website. It's amazing how mentally taxing a good brainstorming session can be.

    Think of it like wanting to bake cookies in a auto repair shop. You have to completely re-tool the shop to be able to make cookies. That's kinda the way it is with brain storming. You have to re-tool your mind away from the other stuff you have been focusing on (in my case making hundreds of belts) and get into a thinking and problem-solving state of mind.

    And we started work on the holiday promo handout cards... each one will have a fun papercraft image/project on the back. Perfect for putting next to your desk or using as an ornament.

    Oh memories... I just found this last night. It is the birth of my brand logo. I spent all day meticulously writing out my signature over and over and over again until i realized it was one of the very first practice attempts that was the winner. A brand was born!

    Fred, ever the patient dog, was helpin us design the websites as well. I'm writing this in the AM on Nov. 4th. After Fred's walk it's voting time. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!

  • Keep on Truckin

    Fred has been given the task of punching all the holes in the belts but with all this sleeping he is doing I don't know when he is going to get around to it. I mean, we have holiday orders to fill. He keeps telling me it's on his "to do" list, but as I pointed out he doesn't know how to write. It was a statement made in anger and I apologized. He is much better at typing than writing.

    On the website front, our ├╝ber talented developer, Cameron, is working himself mad getting the VR belts working properly.

    Note to Cameron, you are a trooper.

  • Saturday Break

    On Saturday I went hiking with friends on Sugarloaf Mountain. It was the perfect Fall day and It was one of my last relaxing weekends before the holiday rush begins.

  • Halloween Belt Treats are Better for Your Teeth

    I've been having a hard time holding back on the sneak peaks before all the new belts and t-shirts are launched in a few weeks (Approx Nov 15th). But since this is Halloweenie I thought it would be prefect to reveal the new ZOMBIE leather belt. Indeed the scariest belt yet. It's dark graphic tone is perfect for clandestinely wearing to work.

    "Is that a zombie on your belt?"
    "Yes, and he's happy to see you!"

    ..... BRAINS!!!!

  • (From Intern Heidi) Makin Banana Pancakes and Watching the Sun Come Up

    ...and doing some work too.

    This week's Twednesday (my new superday sandwiched comfortably between Monday and Thursday) focused on photographing belts with Jon. I arrived to an eager Jon, ready with all of the adjustments and hints he had figured out since our photographing began last week. The curses of being an innovator - as he begins to implement plans, there are always discoveries of how to do it better next time.

    So with the new and improved plan in place, we started over and clicked our way through ALL of the graphical belts! We even got to one of the designer series. We also fell into a comfortable pattern where I could prep and photograph, while he began to dump and edit - interrupted only to assist with (me not crushing myself inside the dome while doing) a belt change.

    Fear not, burnout was averted by a midnight (perhaps more like 2am) snack of a peanut butter malt ball and a level two licorice Scottie dog.

    As well as a cup of tea and a little "Tortas_de_aceite." I'm not sure how to describe the deliciousness of the tortas aceite - so I defer to Wikipedia

    " The Torta de Aceite, is a light, crispy and flaky Sevillian biscuit. It is Spanish creation with more than 100 years of tradition behind it. The first torta was made in Seville, the capital of Andalusia. The main ingredients are wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, sesame seeds, anise seeds and anise flavor."

    The tea came from a friend who got it in China; it's called blossoming tea. It starts out as this little ball that looks like it belongs in Pier 1 with a "decorative vase filler" tag.

    When you add hot water, the ball opens up and blossoms into this little sea creature-esque flower that dispenses jasmine tea goodness.

    Back to work for a few more hours, and we were done. When the last belt came out of the dome, we both seemed to look around in surprise at how quickly it had gone - not sure what to do with the rest of our planned all-nighter.

    So we celebrated the accomplishment by knitting (I'm on a deadline for a few projects). True to the previous post, this is a scarf being made with the heidi stitch in malabrigo silky in grape.

    Making pancakes...from scratch. Because there is no other way to make them, evidently. I say this implying that I did more than watch and photograph this pancake-making event.

    And watching Baby Momma. With occasional glances outside to see the sun rising, the streets waking, and the city's energy changing as the rest of the District started their day.

    Thanks to these photos and some fixing by Sean (woo!), the belts are one step closer to becoming the VR belt beauties Jon envisioned. (added by Jon) And also a big thanks to Cameron for all he has done to take the site to the next level.

  • Ohhhhh More Sneak Peaks

    I was going to save this one for tomorrow but I get so excited for show and tell. Some loyal customers have already been receiving the new keychain hotness with their belt orders.

    And now with the upcoming launch of the new VR belts I've been talking about, each belt ordered online will have the keychain attached.

    The keychain was a way for me to make an amazing hang tag with the duel purpose of not being disposable. If I'm going to put something on one of my belts I want it to be usable. No matter what fru-fru fashion designers tell you, fashion always stems from utility.

  • Black Vegan Belt

    I'm so excited about launching all these new belts for the holidays. Soon people visiting the site will be able to quickly load in all the belts in Virtual Reality and see all the intricate details around the whole belt.

    This is a picture of one of the exciting new releases coming in a few weeks... the first Vegan belt, and it's not 'leather-like.'

    Vegan or not, it is one cool belt!

  • The Magnetic Fields

    Last night after the marathon Nikki and I went to see 'The Magnetic Fields.'. It was a fantasic show. I don't quite know how to describe the band but for one of their albums they call it an electro-country meditation.

    Their album '69 Love Songs' was my introduction to the band. It has a song for almost every kind of love.

    This is definitely my crowd. I should have been out there handing out stickers and getting the word out about JonWye t-shirts and belts.

  • Marine Corp Marathon

    Tonight Nikki and I are meeting friends for dinner to load up on carbs for the Marathon tomorrow, but we had a few hours to kill before hand and our tummies were hungry so we stopped at McDonalds.

    This is Nikki making piggy faces to the camera. We ate so many little cheeseburgers. They are so cheap and delicious. $1 for one cheeseburger.

    Nikki is the marathon runner. I just like cheeseburgers.

  • Burning the Midnight Oil

    This is FredFred, super dog, and my first intern. He doesn't do much in the studio but he makes up for it in cuddling. He gets to sleep on my bed late into the night as I stay up working on cool new belt designs. I can't say much about what's coming up but the new designs are going to blow you away. I hate keeping secrets. But it will be worth the wait.

    I love these snacks. Trader Joe's grocery store makes these 50 cent fruit leathers that I keep by the computer. So yummy and without the unnatural stuff. I just had a boysenberry one.

    Ok, back to work for me.

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