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    Happy Vernal Equinox everyone. I always let it slip my mind, but my good friend, Ryan, reminded me. Today is the first day of Spring (Spring means Vernal) and the Equinox (when the sun is directly over the equator and there are equal amounts of day and night).

    So celebrate the balance in your life, and come out of your winter hibernation. It's mating season!


  • FREE shipping on... everything!

    Thank you to everyone for your support!!! Business has been good, and all your purchases have helped me to actually grow during a wobbly economic time. As a "thank you" I decided to spread some of the love, and have made everything in my store FREE to ship! Keep up the belt and t-shirt buying and I will keep up the FREE shipping!

  • Tales from the Philly Tattoo Convantion Part 3

    While at the tattoo convention I met this awesome woman walking around win her cute little... Dog...errrr, Fox. That's right she owns a little fox. I got to hold him and love on him. And he soaked up the attention.

  • We interrupt this broadcast

    I decided to take a break from my "Tales from the Philly Tattoo Convention" postings and show you all an embarrassing photo from my youth that my best friend Brian found on Facebook. Oh Facebook, how you make us remember everything.


    I am the white boy in the front row with the over sized shoes and yellow/red T-shirt.  The other white boy in the photo (far right) is my other best friend, Jacob, who created Gastronaut Studios, a video game company that makes games for XBox Live Arcade. His company just merged with PopCap , as in the uber popular games 'Bejeweled,' and 'Peggle.' We're all very proud of Jacob!

    Brian should have been in the photo but probably had a dentist appointment that day.

  • Part two of "Tales from the Philly Tattoo and Arts Convention"


    From left to right: Ryan, Robert, Jen, and Eric.

    Robert and Eric own and run City Tours Philadelphia. City Tours New York was started by Robert's sister. Basically these super friendly people take you around to the underground food scene of their respective cities. Such an awesome job!

    The second morning we were in Philly, Robert surprised us with homemade chocolate croissants. HOMEMADE!!! I only know how to open the Pillsbury cans to make croissants, which is embarrassing considering the first company I started was making chocolate truffles. They were quite yummy.

    Here's a sampling of some of the cool award-winning tattoos from the event.








    More tales from Philly tomorrow.

  • Tales from the Philly Tattoo Convention


    As you may have noticed my semi-official mascot for my website is a purple sea monster, so it's no surprise that I couldn't stop staring at this girl's amazing tentacle tattoos. She said it was eventually going to go all the way down her body and it clearly covered most of her chest. Though I was tempted I didn't ask to see the booby area. The tattoo work was done by artist Jeff Gogue.


    This is Ryan, my tattooed bike polo friend, who is super cool of the coolest. He convinced me that I should do the show and I'm really glad I did.


    We spent most of our down time, of which there wasn't much, discussing our survival plans for the INEVITABLE zombie Apocalypse. Ryan helped make everything way more valuable.


    This is Jen, Ryan's super girlfriend. She came up with me to Philly ahead of Ryan (he had to work) and helped me set up and was an all around bad ass. We had a lot of fun 'borrowing' linen carts and such to transport the t-shirt to the convention. Note: linen carts were returned safely.

    More Tales of the Philly Tattoo Convention tomorrow.

  • Philadelphia Tattoo and Arts Convention


    Hey Ya'll I will be at the Philadelphia Tattoo and Arts Convention this coming Friday through Sunday if you want to swing by and see all the new JW gear. And it should be quite a show.

  • New Pirate Chefs T-shirt


    Introducing the new Pirate Chefs T-shirt. In a few more weeks there will be a matching Pirate Chefs belt, my first belt and t-shirt match-up. This shirt is for any aspiring culinary master or sofa sous chef.

  • Yarr, a new belt be a' brewin'


    A little taste of some of the artwork for one of my new belts... "Pirate Chefs!" Matching T-shirt to follow!

  • Happy Friday the 13th!

    I don't know about you, but today has been lucky for me and scary-free... so far! I started the day with a visit from Andrea who came by the studio to buy a belt. She had 1 million questions for me, and I loved it! It's always exciting for me when someone becomes interested in what I am trying to accomplish. And i got to pick her brain about environmental issues. Now I understand more why my car doesn't run on vegetable oil. Sorry no photos of the visit. We got wrapped up in the conversation.

    But last night Ryan, Jen, Patrick and I decorated ZOMBIE cookies in preparation for tonight's marathon run of video game zombie killing and planning for the inevitable zombie Apocalypse! Do you have a plan?


    And of course to make a proper zombie cookie you need to have the right base of zombie blue skin tone. We also had zombie green for diversity.



    And this is Ryan (left) and Patrick (right) decorating. Patrick is currently making a video for me to put on the homepage, a little "This is me, and this is how I make belts" kind of video. And Ryan is a bike polo player whose events I have had the privilege of sponsoring over the last few years. I think bike polo is one of my most favorite sports to watch. Almost as good as Sci-Fi... wait, is Sci-Fi a sport?


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