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  • Was my belt on LOST?

    A good friend called today, frantically yelling, "Did you see the last episode of LOST?"

    To which i replied, "Of course i did, I am obsessed!"

    We went back through the episode "Whatever Happened, Happened," around the 30 min mark, and BAM! Kate was talking to Sawyer about helping little Ben, she leans over to help and there it was, what looks like my brown and pink polka dot belt.

    It's a freeze frame from TV so I can't be sure if it's mine because of the quality, but it does look an awful lot like mine. If anyone can validate for sure i might have a surprise for you.




  • NEW Shop... sort of


    For those of you who have visited my studio, or as I like to call it, the Funktory (Fun Factory), you will remember the extremely tight quarters. Well, got rid of the exercise equipment, superfluous boxes, and piles of wood.... there is always a project. But now my studio space is doubled and i have spread out a bit.


    And soon i wil have an actual t-shirt rack out permanently so that I can actually show the t-shirts when people come by, instead of rummaging through boxes.

    Just last night I also won some ebay auctions that will be providing me with new rubber flooring. Ohhhhh... anti-fatigue mats.


    And the space is now big enough that Fred (wonder dog) can actually come in and hang with me in the Studio.

    Oh happy day! Keep on buying and I will keep on making... and expanding... and something something... take over the world Pinky!

  • Fred at the tradeshow

    We just arrived at the Baltimore pet tradehow and Fred is already working the booth. I tried to dress well for the event but a dark gray shirt plus dog hair is the look for the day.

    We plan on getting muchos sales so we can build a new workshop.

    Below is my self portrait of the day. I was surprised at how nice all the other vendors are, despite the competition.

    Below is a picture of the Buttercup's PAW-tisserie booth. They were kind enough to give Fred a liver cake treat and some water.

  • Oh Cruel World

    There is much formulation going on at

    New belts are in the works, new t-shirts, new wrist cuffs, smaller dog collars, etc, etc, etc... So make sure to stay tuned.

    As I diligently work at the computer today my friend Ryan sent me this cruel, but hilarious, Looney Tunes-esque bird house build...


    If you are a graphic designer or amateur tablet-slinger you may be interested in the new Custom belts section on the left.

    Download a template, design your graphics, and have a custom belt made!


    If you have some existing logos or whatnot feel free to drop us an email and we'll see if we can help you with the layout.


    For our All Star athletes and celebs, with some mulla to burn, we can design one for you, start to finish. If you have to ask the price... well, you know how it goes.


  • Free Shipping Reminder

    Just as the title says... all shipments, both domestic and international, receive free shipping!

    It is only because of the great support from everyone that I am able to continue to offer free shipping. Keep up the orders and I will keep up the free shipping!!!

  • Twitter it fools

    I highly suggest you follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the following reasons:

    1. I talk way too much about the cute stuff my dog, Fred, does.

    2. I often drop really good specials and deals to only people who are active twitter or facebook watchers. (twitter: jonwye facebook: Jon Wye)

    3. I often talk about my favorite restaurants I patron, so that you can stalk me.

    4. I update on new designs and creations all the time. (Pirate Chefs Belts and Plaids are coming soon!)

  • Belts, Kites, and Bear-Dog


    Today was spent making more belts for online orders followed by a leisurely walk down to the annual Smithsonian Kit Festival with Nikki and Fred. On the trip many little kids had to stop and pet Fred. That is Fred in the photo above, tuckered out from a full day of walking. Also one our highlights from yesterday was a little little kid walked by Fred, pointed, and said, "bear-dog." I laughed pretty hard since Bear was the name he was initially given in the animal shelter where I adopted him.

    Back to making belts and letting Bear-Dog rest on the bed.

  • What to post today???? Hmmmm

    I was trying to think, what do I post today. Well, I already sent out an e-mail blast, but that is only to the people on my e-mail list (hint hint, it was a special deal... so sign up for the email list)

    So what do I post today???


    It's a safe link, AND office appropriate!!!

  • Coming soon: NEW Pirate Chefs Apron


    New Pirate Chefs Apron. Custom made black apron with white trim and a handy little loop to hold your grilling tongs. This apron is 100% made in the USA. Made of a heavy weight, ultra durable, poly weave fabric. It's also super comfortable and very fashionable! Coming in the next few weeks!

    The guy in the photo is Tony, my t-shirt printer. He looks very piratey in this photo.

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