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  • Tales from the Road - HonFest and Bawlor

    It's been a busy couple of weeks. I am deeming this year "The Year of the Big Push." And as such, Jeff and I are (and have been) doing a festival or craft show every weekend of the summer, and then some. From DC to Atlanta, NY, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Baltimore. Jeff is the new apprentice in the studio (formal introductions to come soon). Apprentice Heidi is still helping in the studio as well, but with working full time, grad school, and a BF her schedule has been a little crazy. Here's some of the new goings on.


    Jeff (above) has a terrible sweet tooth. And when he heard of the mother of all ice cream at our Baltimore event, HonFest, he had to hunt one down. $5 buys you an ice cream sandwich that is over 8 inches wide and will make you sick!


    When it was a little too much for him he enlisted the help of a customer.


    Honfest had the most amazing people watching possible. All the ladies walk around in the "Hon Hair" all day long. The general Hon outfit is a beehive hairdo, gaudy purse and shoes, and some sort of leopard or zebra pattern clothing. Usually tight to the skin. Very tight. Sometimes way too much tight.


    There was even a booth where you could get your own Hon Hair for free.


    Yup, that is a doggy with a mini Hon Hair wig. How amazing is that?!?!


    The day was even complete with a Hon pageant. All the girls had to say "Hi Hon" to the judges in their best Bawlmor accent. Here's a little more info on HonFest


    Another satisfied customer of the new FredFred dog collar line.

    dog chair

    This buddy might not own a FredFred dog collar yet, BUT this was so awesome I just had to share. I think his owner loves him very much, and when I met him he seemed like a happy puppy. BTW, I think all dogs are puppies. There is no reason to think old age on your best friend!

    More Recaps to come soon.

  • Two shows - one weekend!

    This past weekend of May 30-31 was brutal. It was the first time I did two major events at once, the ICE (Indie Craft Experience) Show in Atlanta, GA and Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD. Two booth setups, two crews, and a lot of favors owed. While Apprentice Jeff and I headed to ATL, Apprentice Heidi and Ryan did the Maryland show.

    Because of my lack of thinking skills i neglected to pack a camera, but luckily Heidi is a photo nut and snapped some great pics of the Handmade Mart show.


    This is Guappo. Guappo is people. He ran around until he found us so he could show off his new collar. Guappo got one of the first FredFred Sparrow collars. They will be available online soon.


    Check out this little cutie and future pirate chef!


    Ryan is very proud of himself for collapsing the entire booth display into one rollable setup. Very well done!

  • Counter Culture Festival

    As promised. Here is the poster for where I will be this coming Saturday May 24th.

  • Now you may truely BEHOLD the NEW cuffs!


    A little tease of the new wrist cuff designs coming out.

    And as for those new belts I promised... well, I promise again they will be up soon. I won't be able to get them up as VR belts until the summer season is over, but I will throw them up in a special "NEW belts" section with some old school 2D photos.

    Upcoming shows (I'll remind again as we get closer to them):

    1. Counter Culture Festival in Vienna, VA - MAY 24

    2. Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta, GA - MAY 30-31

    3. Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD - May 31

    4. Custer's Last Stand Fair in Chicago, IL - June 20-21

    5. Renegade Craft in Los Angeles, CA - July 11-12

    6. Renegade Craft in San Francisco, CA - July 18-19

    7. Halsted Festival in Chicago, IL - August 1-2

  • WOW, have I been blog absent or what!?!


    BEHOLD!!! Yup, not really much to "BEHOLD" about... yet! It's the schematic drawing for a new wrist cuff i am developing. It is sans major measurements to protect against other designer pirates from snatching my brain mojo. It is a three part cuff that when assembled will fit almost any wrist, from super tiny wrists to massive biker dude wrists. The cuff has a unique banding system that allows it to be trimmed according to wrist size and still fit as if nothing was trimmed off... hand to explain, but trust me, it's cool. It will come in lots of basic colors and also some new cool patterns and scenes.

    OK... NOW YOU CAN BEHOLD IT... again, only sort of. Below is the prototype cuff that i made and then did the schematic for.


  • Yarr... more Pirate Chefs be afoot!


    Coming soon, and just in time for summer cookouts, the new Pirate Chefs chef's hat. Custom made black hat, with repositionable Velcro closuse to fit almost any size head.

    The hat officially rounds out the Pirate Chefs line. Make sure the check out the apron and t-shirt!

  • The BowWow PowWow

    This past Sunday was spent at the BowWow PowWow dog festival in Washington, DC. Basically if you have a dog it is the place to be. I love my dog, but i refuse to dress him up in costumes to roll him around in a stroller.... enough said. We sold quite a few of the new FredFred line of dog collars, my subbrand named after my best buddy, Fred.

    And here is a picture of Guappo, owned by Justin and Lucia, fellow vendors and friends at the festival. Fred couldn't join because he would have been too protective of the tent!


  • Another satisfied customer... friend

    This past weekend was the Co-Ed bike polo tournament in DC. I am usually involved in some form or another, whether it's making t-shirts or sponsoring. This year I helped make their event t-shirts, but couldn't' make the event. Luckily one of the participants, and a new friend of mine, stopped by with good friend Ryan Dudek (another bike polo enthusiast) to pick up some new belts. Below is Andy "Dump Truck" Golding holding his new 'Zombies in the Wild West' and 'Wavy Stripe' belts. And Ryan is seen sleeping in the director's chair. I was just going to ship the belts to him, but we decided to push through and make the belts that night. I think we started at 11pm and ended at 2:30am... the new protective coating on the belts needs time to dry. We passed the time by watching Lonely Planet skits on youtube.

    If all goes well, and I get into the Renegade Craft Event in Chicago I will be crashing with Dump Truck. I am sure hilarity will ensue.


  • New flooring

    Just added some faux-wood foam flooring to the studio. It's feels so much lighter and much more inviting. And it feels soft on the feet while standing all day.

  • Bye bye distractions!

    I've been working long hours these past few months. And with what little time I have I spend it with loved ones, bestest friends, Fred (wonder dog, who is sleeping next to me as I type), and customers... oh and the latest episode of LOST.

    So I've had little time for other distractions. Today I got rid of about 75% of my distractions. I sold my TV, PS2, and TiVo on craigslist as a bundle. It was at a bargain price too, but that extra 3-4 hours a week that I can now put back into my company will help me rocket that much further ahead.

    So bye bye distractions... at least some of them.


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