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  • New drying rack


    Yesterday Jeff and I designed and built a new drying rack system that allows us to more easily spray and then dry the protective coating that makes the belts and dog collars so strong.

  • Back from Seattle


    Recently I took a trip out to Seattle for my Best Friend's wedding. Of course i was strip searched and interrogated, but it was all worth it when I saw this sign, which told me that indeed this was the area to recombobulate.


    And what trip to Seattle wouldn't be complete without some pictures of the food at Pike Place Market.



    Across from Pike Place Market there is a store/ restaurant that makes and sells cheese curds. They have yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.


    And about a block down the street from Pike Place there is a crumpet shop, which I believe is called 'The Crumpet Shop' I think I am looking my best here.



    This was just a bonus... a food cart/van in the shape of a pig. So awesome!

    Next up we start prepping for Adam's Morgan Day Festival 2009 in Washington, DC, and Chicago's Renegade Craft Festival in... Chicago. It's going to be a whirlwind. And this year it looks like we will be showing our stuff at the Bryant Park Shops in NYC for all of November and December.

  • Recap of Chicago and the rest of the craziness!


    This gentleman gets the prize for 'Most Creative Use of the Jon Wye Sticker" at the Halsted Market Days Festival this past weekend. It was another whirlwind trip.

    Break it down with me. We left Friday at 3:45pm for Chicago, a 13 hour trip at best, and arrived at about 5:30 am Saturday morning. We drove straight through, and basically set up for the Halsted Market Days event right away. We were on our feet from 7:45am to midnight!

    We couldn't get a hold of our friend, Andy ("Dumptruck"), and so stayed at the Super 8. Luckily there was a Mobile Gas station with a convenience store attached. It provided us with all the entertainment we could handle... drunk girls trying to buy more beer and an assortment of processed cheeses. We ended up with some cereal bowls and a milk jug. The cereal cartons didn't scan at the register so the night manager gave them to us for 50 cents each. It was the best treat at 1:00 am. We tried to stay awake for a movie, but Apprentice Jeff and I passed out!


    A little pic of our booth setup. Pretty nice considering we were so far from home and had limited space in the van!


    The streets were packed!!!


    I believe these young men we're doing a type of mating dance!


    It was hot day so the crowd needed misting.


    And most importantly I enjoyed a delicious shrimp roll!


    On the way back we carved out a narrow space in the van for a sleeping bag so that one of us could drive and one sleep. I didn't want to have to pay for another hotel room.

    Next up... cleaning the workshop and designing a new booth! One step closer to a real store front.

  • Halsted Market Days

    Setting up shop in Chicago for the Halsted Market Days festival. More updates to come but it is a busy busy crowd today now that the sun is coming out

  • Big Sur

    We're still making our way up the PCH to San Francisco and I had to share this phenominal view!

  • On the Road

    Apprentice Jeff and I are about half way through our tour of California. We're out here bringing the good word of the Jon Wye line to LA and San Francisco. After a really really successful show this past weekend we took a little R&R. The picture above is the famous Santa Monica pier. We also took in Venice Beach, but I didn't like it nearly as much. Venice seemed to be big freakshow and tourist trap. I love a good freakshow but if you want to be able to enjoy the beach I suggest Santa Monica. It is a lot more peaceful.

    We also got to see the famous Muscle Beach Gym where Arnold used to get his pump on!

    While in LA we stayed at my friend Matt's industrial condo in downtown LA. Matt and I were friends in college,
    but really reconnected on this visit. We ate Mochi, drank wine, ate doner kababs, swam, and sat in the hot tub on the roof of his condo every chance we got.

    Matt had a tremendous assortment of musical instruments that we rocked out on. I think we look like a good band!

    Whenever I travel I can be persistant (that's the nice way of putting it) in my quest for the best local cusine. Luckily on our trip up to San Fran we came across Burrito Loco in Santa Maria. I had the chicken quesadillas, which were made with the most delicious shredded chicken and melted cheese. It was the best Mexican food I have ever had, which is saying a lot considering my girlfriend, Nikki, loves Mexican food and we eat a lot of it

    More tales from the road to come shortly. We'll be in San Francisco soon, where fashion and yummy food awaits me.

  • Come visit us at the Renegade LA show in Los Angeles

    Jeff and I are rockin it at the Renegade LA show on downtown Los Angeles. We'll be here today and tomorrow (July 11th and 12th) pushing our belts and tshirts to the West Coast. Stop by our booth and mention this blog post and get $5 off any item.

  • Back again, Back again

    Chicago's "Custer's Fair" was another hugely successful show. And we sold way more belts and t-shirts than we anticipated. And it was no surprise that the new "Pirate Chefs" T-shirt did well... the natives in Chicago love their food!

    This is Jeff relaxing and making the booth a lot more inviting. Wouldn't you buy a T-shirt from him? That's called a trustworthy grin BTW... a little known sales tactic.

    crazy jeff

    And this adorable patron, and her puppy Payton, purchased a Chimps dog collar at the show. Apparently Payton's nickname is monkey so it fits him quite well. She also got herself a 'Dogs in Space' belt to match her inevitable purchase of the 'Dogs in Space' dog collar.


  • Rockin' the fairs

    This is Margaret and Annette, two new fans from Chicago. They were super excited about the belts and wanted to know all the details of how they are made. Of course that is a super secret! So they came up with the best new fictional explantion for my belt making process. Apparently I tattoo live cows just before they are turned into yummy hamburger. Then I take their hides and simply cut them onto belts. Sounds about right.

  • Roadtrip to Chicago

    Jeff, new apprentice, and I are currently on a roadtrip to Chicago foe this weekends 'Custer's Last Stand' Festival. That is Jeff sleeping like a little baby. And the second photo is of a new health food I found called a baked apple pie from McDonald's.

    It's a 12 hour trip but luckily we will have the comfort of staying with my friend Andy "Dumptruck" Golding this weekend. I met Andy at a bike polo event in DC that I helped sponsor about a year or so back.

    More updates from the road to come.

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