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Custom Designs

We just launched the new Custom Belts section and I am super excited.  Jeff and I have been talking about this for years but just brought in some new equipment that allows us to make the pricing competitive with other graphic belt companies, of which there are none.

Here's the breakdown on all the Custom Belt options:

1. Amateur: You have most of the art done or a folder of photos and designs you want to see on a belt.  We help you to collage it and put it all together and make an amazing belt. If we have to spend more than 30 minutes working on your file there will be additional fees. $95 for the first belt and $65 for each additional belt. 1-3 weeks.

2. Professional:  You are a very skilled artist who can speak the language of Photoshop, DPI, resolutions, and file formats.  We will help you find the right sizing for your belt/canvas and you email us the final product.  $65. 1-2 weeks.

3. A Custom Belt from Your Kids: Your kid drew a picture of a boat, which you thought as a spaceship.  Either way you love and want to wear it to work as a reminder that there is life outside of your soul-sucking job.  We send you a few sheets of art paper cut to the size of your belt and you have your kid draw something amazing on it... drawing, painting, finger painting, crayons, dirt, mud, etc.  Send it back to us and we will turn it into a belt.  Perfect for Father's Day,  Mother's Day, or any holiday where you will pretend to be surprised when you open the package.  Also works for adults.  $75. 1-2 weeks.

4. 100% Custom Belt:  We work with you directly to make an amazing storyline belt.  The price is high but so is the time. Some of our storyline belts take as much as 100 hours to complete, that is about 2-3 weeks of being physically at your office job, adjusting for coffee breaks.  $999.99 2-4 weeks.