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Jon Wye

  • Sneak Peaks!

    A few vaguely explained sneak peaks of things to come.

    3D model mockup of the upcoming NYC storefront coming late March 2010

    A little tag refinement on the t-shirts... very classy!

    New t-shirt design. Need some help naming this one.

    Limited edition TOAST necklace. Hand-formed glass!

  • NEW Vegan Hunter Rabbit T-Shirt Arrives today!

    Everyone has a friend who is Vegan or Vegetarian. This is THE perfect gift for that person.

  • Follow up letter to Santa!

  • Intercepted letter from Mr. Puddin to Santa

  • Our new NYC store front is up and running.


    From now until January 3rd we are setup in the heart of NYC at Bryant Park. We've built an entire store that looks just like a classic library, complete with FAKE deer head, real working fireplace, bar, red leather high wing back chair, and custom built furniture in a classic library style.

    We've got a lot of new T-shirts and Belts, but they are starting out at the NYC store first.

    Come by Bryant Park and say hi! Also there is a free-to-the-public ice-skating rink.




  • A little tease

    Here is some preliminary work we are commissioning from uber artist Misael Armendariz on a tongue-in-cheek portrait of Fred and I in our study. This will hang above the FIREPLACE in our NYC shop at Bryant Park this year (Nov 6 to Jan 3). Special thanks goes out to Kaveh for doing the photography that this painting is based on.

    portrait 1

  • Crafty Bastards 2009 - Help me become the Craftiest Bastard of them all!

    Jon Wye Center Banner

    Please help me become the Crafiest Bastard at this year's 'Crafty Bastards' show in Washington, DC, Saturday October 3rd 10am - 5pm in Adam's Morgan. Just click on the link below and vote. You don't even have to live in DC to vote.

    Click here: This is the link... right here... this line... click on me... it will help JON WYE become the Craftiest Bastard in DC

    or here: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/craftybastards/2009/craftiestbastard/?vendor_id=2088

    Crafty Bastards 2009

    Crafty Bastards 2009

  • Torturing Fred like a Baby

    I'm busy getting ready for 'Crafty Bastards' and 'Arts on the Avenue' this weekend and so I haven't had a lot of time for blog posting, but I thought I would fill the gap with a fun picture of me holding my bestest buddy like a little baby... I think that's a smile on his face.


  • RIP Kim Nutmeats

    This past weekend Nikki and I were having lunch in the park with a friend of mine, and one of my artists, David William, and his friend Julia, and decided to try eatings acorns that were strewn about the park. They did not taste good! But through the crushing of acorns we came across one that looked like a Lego woman's head, complete with hair. To the acorn NUTMEAT and shell hair we drew a face and she became Kim Nutmeats. But when lunch was over so were her adventures. Now she rests peacefully in the earth.


    This was her eulogy:

    ALAS she was born in the autumn of life and died that same season. Her time was short, but she was touched by all of us. Though she never made it to Paris, she always dreamed of it, and kept that dream with her always, with her acorn red beret. Rest in Pease Kim Nutmeats.


  • Activites for September

    This week I will be doing two shows in TWO DIFFERENT CITIES. Basically I am going to clone myself or split myself in half (horizontal or vertical splitting TBD) in order to man both shows! Wellllll... I will be doing this year's Renegade Craft show in Chicago (near Wicker Park) and Jeff will be manning the 31st Annual Adam's Morgan Day Festival in Washington, DC (DuPont Circle Area). Check out the web banners below.



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