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  • DC Brau Tour

    Brandon Skall (left) and Jeff Hancock (right) form DC Brau, DC's new brewery.  I met Jeff through my best friend, Brian, and his wife, Ericka.  Jeff was kind enough to bring a keg of DC Brau to our pig roast this summer.

    Yesterday some friends and I took a tour of the DC Brau Brewery.  What they have accomplished in such a short period of time is amazing!  I can't wait to see how they grow in the next few years.  They are dedicated and, from what I could tell, smell of sweet beer all day long.

    Photo of Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock courtesy of DC Brau

    Blog photos hotos courtesy of Patrick Withers

  • Everyone Needs a Break

    This past weekend I was invited to Dewey Beach by some awesome friends.  And we had ULTIMATE Fun at Funland.

    We couldn't resist capturing these little kids having a blast.

    At dinner we stole some crayons and made art.

    Outside the box but inside a box.

    My Fish had laser-beams coming out of it's eyes.

    Meredith and I won some stuffed animals at the mechanical horse track races.

  • Monkey Mug

    Working on some new secret belts and T-shirts that will BLOW YOUR MIND!  To get these projects done in time for the upcoming summer events we're in the workshop a lot these days, eating most of our meals here.  My favorite Sock Monkey Mug is holding my lunch... Golden Grahams with chocolate milk.  More updates to come.

  • Pancake Plate

    Sorry for the drop in fun blog posts.  We are deep in the middle of prep for the rest of our summer shows and training our new interns.  We'll have an intro blog post for them next week.

    But I have exciting news about the Pirate Chef Pancake Plate that was code named 'Tip N Sip.'

    It is going into exclusive production with the company Uncommon Goods in New York.  I contemplated producing the plate myself, but I don't want to diverge too much from clothing design and so I licensed the prototype to them.  The only real debate left is whether to keep the Pirate Chef logo on the front or not.  Obviously I feel that it is totally needed, but they have a wee more conservative following.

  • The Wye House

    Two of my very best friends, David William (aka D.Billy) and Nathan Manuel, will be exhibiting their collaborative collection entitled "A History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations" at the Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA from June 3-26

    They chose my family's home as one of their pieces.  It certainly seems to be a nodal point of activity.  Luckily I have amazing parents that allow me to constantly take over their home for everything from pig roasts to art projects, where I jigsawed into both a leather chair and wood table, attempting to MacGyver them into saw horses.
    David and Nathan have passed through those doors many times, either to help me with my projects or on their way to one of theirs.

    You would be well served to check out their artwork.  Show description below.

    About the gallery show:

    "D.Billy & Nathan Manuel manipulate found objects, images, and texts, and stage & record ridiculous situations to create very important artworks swathed in outdated pop-cultural and art-historical references, interwoven with half-baked conceptual and narrative threads, and rife with inside jokes and trivial amusements.

    Their exhibition at Vox Populi, A History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations, draws connections between the cities in which they have lived and worked -- New York and Washington DC -- and the city of Philadelphia, in which they have not."

  • Here Piggy Piggy Piggy

    Two weekends back my friends and I threw a pig roast, an epic pig roast.  We named her Gertrude and she was 84lbs of delicious.  My friend Kim made this snappy little iPad video of the event.

  • Hello Craft

    The good folks over at Hello Craft featured my company today on their blog.  Fellow crafter Tina Seamonster did a super cool pod cast.  Check it out here.

    Meet Tina Seamonster and her little Sea Monster

  • Meet Mini-2

    We just sent our first minivan up north for a series of shows in Rhode Island and Boston.  For a week Jeff and I were minivan-less, and sad.  Today we got our second minivan.  Please note it is a GRAND Caravan, not a regular caravan.  Rollin' large!!!

  • Being Nickel

    Our friends Paul and Kat, of PaulandKat.com (button designers and makers extraordinaire), started a tumblr for their dog Nickel called 'Being Nickel.'

    Nickel has turned into a little bit of a Internet sensation, and his introductory photo has become an instant classic.  I lost my dog Fred this past year and so I've been a bit obsessed with everything related to puppies.

    I fell in love with Nickel and we worked out a licensing deal with Paul and Kat to put Nickel on a T-shirt.

    Behold the glory of Nickel.

  • Hamster Havok

    A fan from the UK just ordered a second Pirate Chef t-shirt because his first one was destroyed by his pet hamster, Carter.  Carter escaped from his cage and made a new nest out of little bits of Pirate Chef T-shirt.

    He probably stole the shirt because it smelled like his best buddy and owner.  That's what my dog Fred would do to my flip-flops and tees.  He just wanted to be closer to me.

    Meet Carter, escape artist and destroyer of T-shirts... and WORLDS!

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