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  • Your kid's stupid art on a belt!

    We just launched the new Custom Belts section and I am super excited.  Jeff and I have been talking about this for years but just brought in some new equipment that allows us to make the pricing competitive with other graphic belt companies, of which there are none.

    Here's the breakdown on all the Custom Belt options:

    1. Amateur: You have most of the art done or a folder of photos and designs you want to see on a belt.  We help you to collage it and put it all together and make an amazing belt. If we have to spend more than 30 minutes working on your file there will be additional fees. $95 for the first belt and $65 for each additional belt. 1-3 weeks.

    2. Professional:  You are a very skilled artist who can speak the language of Photoshop, DPI, resolutions, and file formats.  We will help you find the right sizing for your belt/canvas and you email us the final product.  $65. 1-2 weeks.

    3. A Custom Belt from Your Kids: Your kid drew a picture of a boat, which you thought as a spaceship.  Either way you love and want to wear it to work as a reminder that there is life outside of your soul-sucking job.  We send you a few sheets of art paper cut to the size of your belt and you have your kid draw something amazing on it... drawing, painting, finger painting, crayons, dirt, mud, etc.  Send it back to us and we will turn it into a belt.  Perfect for Father's Day,  Mother's Day, or any holiday where you will pretend to be surprised when you open the package.  Also works for adults.  $75. 1-2 weeks.

    4. 100% Custom Belt:  We work with you directly to make an amazing storyline belt.  The price is high but so is the time. Some of our storyline belts take as much as 100 hours to complete, that is about 2-3 weeks of being physically at your office job, adjusting for coffee breaks.  $999.99 2-4 weeks.

    How we make custom belts.

  • NEW Women's Clutches



    Prepare yourself for amazement!  We've been talking about women's leather clutches and purses for years but our expertise wasn't there yet.  After a few rounds of prototypes and some welcome design chastisement by my friend, and fashion consultant, Kat Engh, we arrived at a very simple and functional women's clutch.  Each clutch features a zippered top, a grey cotton twill lining, and inner cell phone pocket.  In a few days you'll start to see them appear here for purchase.  Check back often; we only have one of each design produced and will be offering the first ones at an intro price of $60.

  • You Never Know Who You're Gonna Meet

    Our set up in Grand Central Terminal is just getting started. With millions of people going through there every single day, you're bound to talk to at least a few interesting people. Meet boxing champ Dr. Nikos Michalis Spanakos.  I put a few extra holes in his belt thinking he was just a nice man who needed help keeping his pants on.  Turns out he competed in Rome during the 1960 summer olympics.  He dropped his calling card and signed the back.  Best treasure of 2013 so far.


    photo (1)

  • Math Cat

    Last year we brought you Math Cat. This year we bring you RED Math Cat. He's brighter, bolder, better? Well, we think so at least.

    photo 2

    A Very Jon Wye Christmas is coming. Stay tuned for more.

    (author's note: Please read in your best Movie Trailer Announcer Guy Voice for the full effect.)

  • Insane Holiday Season Returns....

    This time with really badass new tshirt units for our set up at Grand Central Terminal.

    photo 3

    T Shirt Unit Close Up

    In preparation for the holidays, so far, we've processed approximately four million one hundred fifty four thousand t-shirts (including 6 new designs), had a small sea of stackable t-shirt cabinets take over the back yard of the Jon Wye Compound, brought in very sexy and shiny new machinery to the workshop (to whom you'll be introduced soon), plus about a million other things. And we're at the very cusp of the holiday season. Should be interesting. But, back into the breach once more...

  • The Insane Holiday Season (minor recap)

    Holiday madness.  I wouldn't be anywhere without it.  Here I am in a snow suit I bought in preparation for a Holiday show.  Years before I had anyone helping me full time.

    Do some research on snow suits.  You'll find out exactly what I did... really good snow suits are very expensive; there are a lot of shitty snow suits out there that aren't water resistant; the Israeli army makes a really good snow suit.  I don't know why exactly the Israeli military is making snow suits, but it kept me warm that year.  That is Fred.  He passed away a few years ago.  I named a dog collar line after him.

    *      *      *

    I thought it would be fun to walk you through the insanity of the last few months as Jeff and I prepped for two months of three consecutive shows.  All in order with little narrative.

    New custom built hole punchers/ end cutters.  Allows us to make belts more quickly.  Sexy aren't they!

    New 'Raccoonauts' t-shirt design with artist Mike Tanoory. Will be online soon.

    *      *      *

    This next design should give you a good idea of my t-shirt designing process.

    This sketch of mine, along with endless amounts of explanatory text to artist Mike Tanoory, would eventually become a t-shirt.

    Mike's first sketch.

    Elvis's Ark.  Onward to Graceland.  Looking back at my sketch it's a wonder I even hire artists.  They are sooo good already.

    Re-zazzed up our old storefront sign for the Grand Central Holiday Fair.

    New custom built checkout/ workshop counter.  It is a wallet display, belt display, work bench, and checkout counter all in one.  I really need to do a blog post just about this.  It is amazing.

    New t-shirt designs.  Squid Diver (left) by Ryan Berkley.  Space Chimp Pope by Angie Cornish.  More on the new artists and tees to come in the new year.

    My wonderful parents and sister came to the shop to help me fold t-shirts.  We had 3000 t-shirts to get through.  I offered them pizza and movies, but sitting in front of the workshop TV wasn't productive enough for them so they self-sequestered themselves to the side room where they setup a system for folding t-shirts.  Dad pre-folded the tees, mom stuffed the bags, Pamela applied the sizing sticker.  An assembly line if you will.  This is a Wye family trait.

    One of my many runs back to my parents house to pick up various packages and supplies.  I still keep a lot of inventory in their garage.    I caught my adorable mom taking a cap nap and had to take a pic.  She would be mortified that I posted this.  Luckily she doesn't read my blog.  Mom is a general contractor currently working on 3 house renovations at once.  Another Wye family trait... working yourself to the bone.

    Setting up at Grand Central Terminal for the 2012 Holiday Fair.  With Jeff and friend Robb Hohmann.

    This was a lot more death defying than it looks.

    Who doesn't like seeing their name in lights, er... printed on a directory.

    Final setup for the 2012 Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair.

    When I got back from NYC, setting up the Holiday Fair in Grand Central Terminal, I got a call from my mom, who is always on the look out for good finds.  "I think I found a couch for your workshop.  I'm standing by it so no one takes it."

    Little time to relax.  Once a year we do a thing.  That thing is only sent out to our email list.  That thing makes the shipping computer go into overdrive.  A good problem to have.

    Every year the Wye family (ok, mostly me, mom, and dad.  Sister not so much) anxiously await Costco bringing out their pumpkin pie.  It is amazing.  I took my pie to the workshop (my whole pie) to entice me to actually go to the workshop on those days when I just don't want to get up.

    The roller embosser died (it stamps the back of the belts).  I had to order a part.  It weighed only 1 lb.  It cost $360 plus next day shipping.  And of course it happened right in the middle of the holiday season.

    One break for brunch with friends then back to the workshop.

    Ahhhh, just like a real family.  Beautiful tree and ignoring each other.  jk

    It kept raining so I busted out the tent so I could spray the protective coating on the belts.

    Glamor shot of one of my many workshop meals.

    That's the haps for the last two month.  More coherent storyline when my brain has a rest from the craziness of the holiday retail season.

  • Math Cat

    The new Math Cat T-shirt.  We launch a limited print to get a sense of the composition.  It's turning into quite the hit, but we decided it needed a hammer... you know, to make it more comprehensible. Coming soon!

  • Call the Fire Department

    This weekend the head of our Boston crew, Dustin, went on a weekend getaway.  He forgot to relinquish the keys to the rest of the crew running our weekend event, the SOWA Open Market in Boston, MA.  Luckily we have a pretty awesome crew of bright guys and gals and they solved the problem... drive to a local fire station and have them cut off the lock with some awesome tool I've never seen before but now relish.

    Having an awesome product is only have the battle. The other half is having the right people.

    Sure, a mistake was made, but a solution was found.  It's all about the problem solving skills.

  • New Black Anodized Buckles

    Check out our new black anodized roller buckle. It will be rolling out soon on the website, as another buckle option for all our awesome belts.

  • Bridge to Nowhere

    For the second leg of my trip I headed to Los Angeles to do the 2nd Cali Renegade Craft show.  With a week of downtime between the San Francisco and LA shows, and my birthday only a few days away I went bungee jumping with my friend Kelsey at Bungee America. It's a total sham operation.  I signed up for two jumps, but it's such an adrenaline rush that I opted for a third one on the spot.

    It would have been easier if I could blame the instructors for peer pressure but it was my brain screaming "MORE ADRENALINE" that made me do it.

    We all jumped off of the Bride to Nowhere, which was originally supposed to connect a road through the mountains in Azusa, CA, but the road was washed away in a storm, leaving only the bridge remaining.

    The wait was so long, or it seemed so long.  My heart was beating pretty fast.

    Practice bungee jump.  Then in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

    That was my second jump.  I didn't make a sound the first time so I figured I had to give a good scream the second time around.

    With my round of jumping over I hung out with the instructors dog Sophie.  She was a little food begger and may have gotten a corner of my sandwich. How appropriate that I was wearing my 'Howl Training' t-shirt while hanging with a pup.

    Kelsey and I hiked to the bottom of the bridge to play in the mini rapids.

    This is Kelsey.

    And these were my LA hosts, friends Matt and Brie.  I look forward to seeing them every summer!

    My view of Los Angeles at 5am as I get ready to head to the airport.  With a view like this I did not want to leave!

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