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  • Visiting with Fuzzy Ink in my New York store.

    My friend, John Paul, of the clothing company Fuzzy Ink, stopped by my new (first) NYC store to say 'HI' and hang for the day before heading north for another show. Fitting with the theme John brought his own air mattress, barely fitting it in our small room

  • Risking my life (sort of) to install my new store sign

    Good friend Patrick Withers helped me edit together some iphone video I took of me descending off the 3rd floor balcony of my store to repair some architectural detail we removed so that we could put up our new sign.

  • Kick-Ass with artist d.billy

    One of my good friends and artists for my line, d.billy, came by the new store at the Limelight marketplace today just to hang and draw some sketches of some much needed signage for my store.

    We decided to treat ourselves after closing to the movie 'Kick-Ass'. So good that I want to see a separate 'Hit-Girl' movie!

    We got out so late that there was no N express anymore, so I am crashing d.billy's place. I love being around this guy's aesthetic. This is just a small example of how he has dressed up his toilet. Love it... Just wanted to share.

  • Laughing at a sparce room and an air mattress

    Making fun of ourselves as we laugh at the air mattress generously donated by my friend, Brian. It's amazing!

  • Bare Room, Big Dreams

    A look into what it is to sacrifice for building a company and a dream. This is my first room I am now renting in Brooklyn. For the moment Jeff and I are sharing it, but in about a week Jeff will stay in New York City at the Limelight Marketplace and I will head back to DC to continue selling at Eastern Market and making more items. It's been a great response from New Yorkers. They love the fact that Jeff and I make everything ourselves.

  • Rocking to the finish line

    As my NYC store opening approaches the coffers are dwindling fast... FAST! And so I am trying to stay as pumped as possible as we cross the finish line to the opening date of May 7th.

    To keep myself adrenaline fueled, and numb the passing of my best buddy, Fred, I've been cranking "Almost Crimes" by Broken Social Scene before bedtime and when i first wake up... and sometimes during the day!

  • Round 1

    This week Jeff and I spent some time in New York City at the new store installing some kick-butt custom furniture we had made for the shop. The old Limelight is coming back to life. My store is one of the bigger ones in the building, situated on the third floor balcony... one of the former V.I.P. sections in the Limelight nightclub. We just finished installing the new custom workbench/ checkout counter where customers' belts will be finished right in front of their eyes. Soooo much more to do, but I feel we're ahead of the curve!

    Jeff and I (blue shirt) shooting the shit with Tim, the security guy/ everything guy for the site! He stayed late for us so we could keep working. We hooked him up with a yummy breakfast sandwich the next day.

    View of the counter/ workbench and the two tall t-shirt racks. Women's designer T-shirts on the right, Men's designer T-shirts on the left.

    Workbench again, and custom belt rack to display belts horizontally!

  • A Reprieve

    One of my good friends, Dylan Chandler, sent me this photo of himself in Egpyt wearing the new 'Breakfast at the Capitol' T-Shirt. Dylan is an amazing photographer and helped me put together my first photo-shoot when I had no money... still don't! HA! :) Check out his amazing work here.

  • A little humor helps heal!

    I have been updating my twitter and facebook recently as it's been hard to get out my thoughts about Fred in a coherent manner. But the long and the short of it is that Fred took a turn for the worst last week and passed on to his next stage of being. He inspired me to be more than a lump and is the namesake of his own dog collar line. I will have many more posts to chronicle his life and help remember him. For a few days after his death he had been visiting everyone in their dreams except me. He is gone but I was mad at him. Someone told me he was saving the best for last, and last night he finally came. Maybe sometime later I will share the dream, but it's enough to say that he was asking me to let him go. Fred and I were both strong willed beings, which is part of the reason we respected each other so much. We could both be so stubborn at times, but both knew when to give in for the other. This is a picture of one of Fred's favorite places... the benches on East Capitol St in DC, right outside the Library of Congress a few steps from the Capitol building. He loved to sit on the benches with me and just watch people go by. If we tried to walk past the benches he would protest and put up a fight. Half the time he won, whether or not I had a busy schedule that day, and we would sit and just be together. It's the second time I am showing this photo, but it is one of my favorites.

    And if we were lucky the sprinklers would be going off at the Library of Congress and we would have the best time romping in it...

  • Camp-out with Fred

    Today Fred is in recovery, but he needs to stay an extra day. I didn't go see him yesterday or today because I was worried about him seeing me and getting his hopes up, only to have me leave again. But since he needs to be there another day I am going to the hospital in about an hour to see him, and may end up sleeping there if need be.

    When I first got him he had some kennel depression; locked in a cage at the shelter, being humped on by a smaller dog in his cage, and not caring. We both pulled each other out of a tough time in our lives and now I have to help pull him out of this one. I'll be there as long as need be, armed with his blanket.

    I left my hat with him the other day so he would have something of mine to smell. The vet techs put the hat on him and took a picture. I love it! Even now he still makes me laugh. At the moment I am boiling him some rice and chicken to take with me on my visit.

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