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  • June 8, 2006

    While writing this I'm listening to the song Memories by Weezer feat. the guys from Jackass

    I just bought a new camera for blog posting, right after I lost my new new one on a late night excursion to IHOP.  I nabbed the memory card I put in my Wii to test out the new camera and I got the most amazing surprise; I found the lost photos from my very first day I started selling at Eastern Market, the local Farmer's market in DC where I got my start.  What the heck was I wearing?  The most amazing board-shorts is what!

    And with me since the beginning has been my best friend, and now photographer, Keith Lane. He was one of the first to believe in my company.  It takes a really special person to be able to see your dream and your potential before anyone else.

  • Confessions from the Pink Velvet Couch

    The first round of guitar straps are nearly complete, and will be on the website soon.  The Pink Couch could not keep it a secret, but then the pink couch can't keep any secrets.

  • Bragging Rights

    This weekend I found myself at the H st Country Club in Washington, DC.  I was drawn in by the Skeeball.  Three dollars later and I got the highest score listed on the board.  You can't see it from the photo, but the previous high score was 650, and I dominated with a 730.  Unfortunately the entire bar was a little too drunk to notice the achievement.

  • Workshop Visitor

    Some friends of mine are out of town for a few days and needed a place for their little buddy to hang out.  Indy is chilling out in the workshop and listening to some Beck.

    It's nice to have a dog in the workshop!  Feels right.

  • T-shirt Time!

    Yesterday we finished our first T-shirt photoshoot of the new year.  We're launching a few new T-shirts in the next few days, and I thought it would be fun for people to see a little behind-the-scenes montage of one of our super extra professional shoots.

    Thanks to Keith Lane, photographer extraordinaire.

    A rare photo of my sister, Pamela, and I not making goofy faces.  I'm very proud of her.  She is killing it as a real estate agent in DC.  Check her out... http://www.pamelawye.com/

    See what I mean, silliness when we get together.

    Intense super serious art direction going on here.

    Doing the "Creep"

    Full photo setup in my parents living-room, which was formerly the Shipping and Receiving Department before we moved to our new workshop.

    Mom ruining my JCPennys style of modeling.

    My family!  We were supposed to all be making a crazy face.  I was the only one taking it seriously.


    One of my all time favorite cartoon scenes growing up was from Voltron.   The old castle of the benevolent King was demolished by an evil force returned to torment the galaxy.  The King was prepared, and, with the flip of a lever or button or something, a new metal castle rose from the ashes to defend against this evil.  And VOLTRON was revealed!

    I kinda feel that way about the workshop.  I've been visiting a good friend these last few days (known this kid for 21 years) and when I got back to the workshop Jeff had organized the entire workshop.  It is AMAZING!  Feels like it's a productive workspace, and just in time for the new guitar straps.  Very close now!

  • Recipe for Making More Alley Kittens


    Step 1. Have President's Day off.

    Step 2. Make sure it's a little cold outside, so you have an excuse to get warm.

    Step 3. Bring your lady some meat from the dumpster behind the deli.

    Step 4. Find a secluded place.  Let the magic begin.


    I pulled up to the workshop Monday morning and found these two alley cats going at it.  Normally I wouldn't want to interrupt a magic moment, but a new litter was recently born and there are already too many mouths to feed.  So I chased them off.  I don't want more kittens to be hungry!

  • From Fashion to Photojournalism

    Meet Jenna and Keith outside of my brand.  I've known Keith since college and Jenna is one of my best new friends.  Since they moved to DC they have been helping me rocket my brand forward; working on brand identity and consistency.

    For the past 7 months they have been saving to fund their trips to Haiti to help shed light on the the current condition of the country.  Aside from being an awesome couple they have formed a collaborative called Ornamental Foxes... http://ornamentalfoxes.com

    Ornamental Foxes is shedding light on Haiti through a new self-published photo book.  Proceeds from the book will help fund similar photojournalism endeavors.

    Check them out.

  • Duck Duck... Bowling

    Duck pin bowling is quickly becoming a tradition.  It's fast paced, you get three tries per round, and it's challenging.  When I was a kid I played in a summer duck pin bowling league.  In four years my team won two 1st place trophies and two 2nd place trophies.  Those skills have not carried into adulthood.  I'm relearning.

    Jenna, our creative director, found a toy machine that dispensed mustaches for 50 cents.  Sexy!

    And it was Cosmic Bowling!  Lots of Jusitn Timberlake songs and Lady GaGa.

  • Sunny Day

    It's so nice and sunny out we can finally open up the outside workshop door and let the sunny in.

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