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  • Tuxedo Jones is a Girl?

    Tuxedo Jones, one of the cats in the alley behind our workshop, just gave birth to some kittens.  Our friend Beth brought out some canned cat food to help the mother with her nursing.  The father was no where to be seen.  I'm not super excited about more mouths to fend for themselves in the alley, but it's life, and it's amazing to watch.  I think we'll be helping out where we can.

  • We have arrived?

    A friend of mine found our Pirate Chef sticker on a Washington Times newspaper dispenser.  Does that mean we've arrived when someone starts tagging us?  The funny part is the stickers costs $2, so that is a pretty expensive tag.

  • Hustle Hard

    On my way into the workshop this morning I snapped a photo of the vanity plate in front of me (it was safe we were at a stop light).  Rarely does a vanity license plate make any impact on me except to laugh at the driver, but this one had raw wisdom.  It wasn't about being a "pmp," or a "boy" this, or "girl" that, or some form or "prncss."  The license plate didn't even say he was a hustler, it simply told you to 'Hustle Hard.'

  • Sneak Peak

    Two new t-shirts launching at our weekly Eastern Market event this weekend and online in a few more weeks.  New women's T-shirts to come shortly!

  • New Guitar Strap "And then I felt a drop of rain"

    Just finished making the first batch of the new guitar strap "And then I felt a drop of rain." Look for it online shortly!

  • Just like Cali

    On beautiful weather day like this we can throw open the bay doors and let the sunshine in.  Feels like we're working in a beach front shop in Cali.  We even have a Rita's Ice Cream down the street.  Totally like Cali.

  • Sneak Peak

    Here's a sneak peak at a new t-shirt coming out soon called 'Pegasus Dreams.'  I came up with the concept after remembering a friend's Halloweeny costume.  The artwork is by Priscilla Wilson.  You'll be seeing a lot more from Priscilla this year.  Stay tuned for a 'Zombies in Space' belt by Priscilla was well... the sequel to the hit belt, 'Zombies in the Wild West."

  • Saturday Go Karts... VROOOOM VROOOOM

    It started out as a rainy day, but once the sun peeked out Keith and I didn't want to be stuck inside.  An immediate search of Go Kart tracks in the surrounding DC area and we were on the move!

    We got the only four track runs of the day, before the rain shut us down again.

    On our way back I saw a Friendly's and screeched the mini-van to a halt. They have the best Black Raspberry Ice Cream

    There is never a bad time to dance!

    Attractive, right!

  • Hello Amazon

    Today we launched our first round of guitar straps on Amazon.  They will be on our website in a few days.  Don't worry, we're not putting the belts or t-shirts up on Amazon.  Those are our babies and we hold onto those very tightly.  Guitar straps are pretty niche and we need to recoup some cost on that.  Check them out HERE.

  • Project 'Tip N Sip' is GO for takeoff

    Our Pirate Chef Pancake Plate (named the Tip n Sip) has been long in the making, but the wait has been worth it.  After many disasters in the pottery studio we have one solid prototype to send in for production.

    Cryptic I know! :)

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