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Weekend in Philly

I've given a number of interviews where I've noticed I tend to drift towards a common theme of not having pride and being willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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This past weekend I attended the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly. I went up early Saturday morning to sell our wears and had a fun time watching families stroll for mother's day gifts.


Often, I forget to document all of the happenings because I am so focused on selling, but once an event is over it's all about sampling the local food. We were told about the Han Dynasty Chinese restaurant. Ridiculously good food and nothing like the corner store variety.


That night I met my friend Hollis who happened to be in town for Wizard Con, where he got to meet Billie Piper and David Tennant.  I was lucky enough to have met David Tenant at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre while on a college literature abroad.  It was pre Dr. Who fame, but we all knew he was going places.


After a few beers I snuck back into the parking lot where I slept in my van.  I had a cozy little setup with a sleeping back and blanket pad. I plugged in my laptop and watched "Get Hard." It was way better than I expected, especially for a drive-in, in-car movie.


That is not Gatorade... ANYMORE.  I did say I slept in my van. It would have been no big deal to get a hotel room for one night, but I hate spending money to sleep some place for less than 8 hours. And that money I saved can eventually go to buying new equipment.


The morning of the second festival day at Art Star I woke up early after a nice sleep in the van and found this awesome diner (http://www.themorningglorydiner.com/). I got the Brioche French Toast with blueberries and cream cheese... WHAT!?! It was amazing!

I have no pride when it comes to building my company. I lived with my parents until I was 31 so that I could keep moving as fast as possible.

It's starting to pay off.