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NEW Snaps Coming Soon!

Check out our new custom made snaps designed by my buddy d.billy.  In the beginning we had a custom snap made in China. The quality was pretty good but we didn't think the closure was tight enough. So, for many years we went back to generic snap components UNTIL I found a snap company in the USA that makes their components in Connecticut. I was so excited! USA MADE SNAPS! Do you know how hard it is to find a USA company that makes tiny metal parts for cheap? It's hard. It took years of searching to get our rivets made in the USA. And now all our small metal parts are USA made.

Take a look. Does it remind you of anything? Not Captain America. It's a stylized version of the DC flag. BAM!

Custom Snaps for Jon Wye Belts. Custom Snaps for Jon Wye Belts.