The Insane Holiday Season (minor recap)

Holiday madness.  I wouldn't be anywhere without it.  Here I am in a snow suit I bought in preparation for a Holiday show.  Years before I had anyone helping me full time.

Do some research on snow suits.  You'll find out exactly what I did... really good snow suits are very expensive; there are a lot of shitty snow suits out there that aren't water resistant; the Israeli army makes a really good snow suit.  I don't know why exactly the Israeli military is making snow suits, but it kept me warm that year.  That is Fred.  He passed away a few years ago.  I named a dog collar line after him.

*      *      *

I thought it would be fun to walk you through the insanity of the last few months as Jeff and I prepped for two months of three consecutive shows.  All in order with little narrative.

New custom built hole punchers/ end cutters.  Allows us to make belts more quickly.  Sexy aren't they!

New 'Raccoonauts' t-shirt design with artist Mike Tanoory. Will be online soon.

*      *      *

This next design should give you a good idea of my t-shirt designing process.

This sketch of mine, along with endless amounts of explanatory text to artist Mike Tanoory, would eventually become a t-shirt.

Mike's first sketch.

Elvis's Ark.  Onward to Graceland.  Looking back at my sketch it's a wonder I even hire artists.  They are sooo good already.

Re-zazzed up our old storefront sign for the Grand Central Holiday Fair.

New custom built checkout/ workshop counter.  It is a wallet display, belt display, work bench, and checkout counter all in one.  I really need to do a blog post just about this.  It is amazing.

New t-shirt designs.  Squid Diver (left) by Ryan Berkley.  Space Chimp Pope by Angie Cornish.  More on the new artists and tees to come in the new year.

My wonderful parents and sister came to the shop to help me fold t-shirts.  We had 3000 t-shirts to get through.  I offered them pizza and movies, but sitting in front of the workshop TV wasn't productive enough for them so they self-sequestered themselves to the side room where they setup a system for folding t-shirts.  Dad pre-folded the tees, mom stuffed the bags, Pamela applied the sizing sticker.  An assembly line if you will.  This is a Wye family trait.

One of my many runs back to my parents house to pick up various packages and supplies.  I still keep a lot of inventory in their garage.    I caught my adorable mom taking a cap nap and had to take a pic.  She would be mortified that I posted this.  Luckily she doesn't read my blog.  Mom is a general contractor currently working on 3 house renovations at once.  Another Wye family trait... working yourself to the bone.

Setting up at Grand Central Terminal for the 2012 Holiday Fair.  With Jeff and friend Robb Hohmann.

This was a lot more death defying than it looks.

Who doesn't like seeing their name in lights, er... printed on a directory.

Final setup for the 2012 Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair.

When I got back from NYC, setting up the Holiday Fair in Grand Central Terminal, I got a call from my mom, who is always on the look out for good finds.  "I think I found a couch for your workshop.  I'm standing by it so no one takes it."

Little time to relax.  Once a year we do a thing.  That thing is only sent out to our email list.  That thing makes the shipping computer go into overdrive.  A good problem to have.

Every year the Wye family (ok, mostly me, mom, and dad.  Sister not so much) anxiously await Costco bringing out their pumpkin pie.  It is amazing.  I took my pie to the workshop (my whole pie) to entice me to actually go to the workshop on those days when I just don't want to get up.

The roller embosser died (it stamps the back of the belts).  I had to order a part.  It weighed only 1 lb.  It cost $360 plus next day shipping.  And of course it happened right in the middle of the holiday season.

One break for brunch with friends then back to the workshop.

Ahhhh, just like a real family.  Beautiful tree and ignoring each other.  jk

It kept raining so I busted out the tent so I could spray the protective coating on the belts.

Glamor shot of one of my many workshop meals.

That's the haps for the last two month.  More coherent storyline when my brain has a rest from the craziness of the holiday retail season.