Bridge to Nowhere

For the second leg of my trip I headed to Los Angeles to do the 2nd Cali Renegade Craft show.  With a week of downtime between the San Francisco and LA shows, and my birthday only a few days away I went bungee jumping with my friend Kelsey at Bungee America. It's a total sham operation.  I signed up for two jumps, but it's such an adrenaline rush that I opted for a third one on the spot.

It would have been easier if I could blame the instructors for peer pressure but it was my brain screaming "MORE ADRENALINE" that made me do it.

We all jumped off of the Bride to Nowhere, which was originally supposed to connect a road through the mountains in Azusa, CA, but the road was washed away in a storm, leaving only the bridge remaining.

The wait was so long, or it seemed so long.  My heart was beating pretty fast.

Practice bungee jump.  Then in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

That was my second jump.  I didn't make a sound the first time so I figured I had to give a good scream the second time around.

With my round of jumping over I hung out with the instructors dog Sophie.  She was a little food begger and may have gotten a corner of my sandwich. How appropriate that I was wearing my 'Howl Training' t-shirt while hanging with a pup.

Kelsey and I hiked to the bottom of the bridge to play in the mini rapids.

This is Kelsey.

And these were my LA hosts, friends Matt and Brie.  I look forward to seeing them every summer!

My view of Los Angeles at 5am as I get ready to head to the airport.  With a view like this I did not want to leave!