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San Francisco I Love You

Every year I get to travel to San Francisco and L.A. for the Renegade Craft event.  It's a little vacation for me and I get to spread the word about our awesome handmade products.  We started in San Fran.  Next weekend is L.A.

I stayed with my friends Rob and Kat.  Rob was my sales assistant this year.  We saw BATMAN together.  I got a little emotional at the end.

... and their dog Millie.  Millie is a little-big-dog.  Lots of personality in a little package and wasn't fru-fru.  Millie did get into the chicken coup behind their house and ate a bunch of chicken feed.  Please note chicken feed includes gravel that aids in digestion.  This did not aid in Millie's digestion and so she threw up all over the house... and my super awesome jacket!  No picture needed for that one.

Assembling the riveters for the custom belts we will make during the show.

Mostly setup.  Not as fancy as our East Coast setup, but pretty good considering we shipped most things... and dove dumpsters for the rest.  No joke.

Awesome Safeway sandwich!  One of these fed the two of us.

After the San Fran show fellow crafter friend and I, Kelso, went to Six Flags magic Mountain in L.A.

This was disturbing. The park parade people were not that enthused to be doing their jaunt through the amusement park.  Six flags should stick to roller coasters and not ruining my memories of Bugs Bunny.  How is it that Disney manages to get such upbeat people walking in their park parades and Six Flags cannot?  The answer is most likely that Disney bumps them all up with cocaine before each show.  I know I am going to regret that statement in the future when Disney calls to collab on some projects.

Dear Disney, does it help that I can sing most of the songs to the Little Mermaid?

Kelso of Kelso Doesn't Dance.

Onward I say.  To the next adventure!