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Adventures in Being a Dodo

I am in Cali for a full week of shows, and my birthday (I'm going bungee jumping here).  I'll be 33... so, you know, old.  I shipped all our t-shirts and belts out to Cali for the Renegade Craft shows. The first first show is in San Francisco.  The second show is in L.A.  I shipped all the packages to L.A.

Ok, let's review this again, in case you didn't get it.  My FIRST show is in San Fran. I shipped all my packages to L.A. Holy CRAP!  I was sitting in my rental car punching in the address for the FedEx when the GPS unit told me, 'Hey stupid, there is no Wilshire Blvd in San Francisco."  I was so focused on the FedEx location where I would drop off my boxes after the last show in L.A. that I just had that address drilled into my brain.  Have you ever done that, got something so locked in your brain that nothing else registers?  Maybe the closest example is having a crush... a crush that is no good for you.

Did I know someone in L.A. that could bring them up?  Could I piggyback them on a prison transport or horseless carriage?  Nothing was panning out.  So the day I get into San Fran I head straight to  L.A. to pick up my boxes and crash with my buddy, Matt, for 5 hours.

What follows brings us to the present...

Drive 7 hours to L.A. listening to Jeff's new mix tape.  I know none of the words but that doesn't stop me looking like a fool trying to sing along.

Pickup 7 boxes of merch.

Drive back to San Fran.  This phrase looked amazing.  I wished it was the musings of a mentally challenged graffiti artist, but it turned out to be a down home song by Tom T. Hall. Eh, not my pace, but I now have a hankering for watermelon wine.

Stopped at In-and-Out Burger for a Double Double animal style with a chocolate shake.

Stopped off at Ikea on the way back to buy this.  I'll drill a few riveters into it so I can make belts at the show.

I was going to treat myself to Batman at the famous Renaissance Grand Lake Theatre, but I was 20 min too late.  The ticket guy and the usher were awesome.  "You sure you want a ticket?  It's 20 minutes past the start."

"Bound to be a lot of previews?" I asked.

"Noooo, only about 7 minutes and you DO NOT want to miss the beginning"

"Yeah, you don't want to miss the beginning," reaffirmed the usher.

Batman, will have to wait 'till later in the week.  Now I prep, then sleep, then sell t-shirts and belts.  Thennnnnn... Richard Branson will notice my talents as a CEO and ask me to run his space program.

End scene!