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Gettin' Classy

Saturday Night Live was comic gold as a kid.  There wasn't a lot of television diversity in the early 90's, back when they had the Cable Ace awards because no one was taking cable programming seriously.  For a little kid the 11:30pm start time was at the edge of my ability to think rational thoughts.  I was hyper as all get-up but as it approached midnight, with still an hour to go, my eyes would start to burn of tired.  Oh, I laughed so hard!  SNL most definitely had a hand in my early mental development.  In the year 2000 I was still in college, having kept up my tradition of watching SNL as much as I could.  One Saturday night that year Alec Baldwin ended the show with a sketch called "Lasting Impressions" about a New Jersey-esque photo studio specializing in classing up your photos by super imposing them on brandy snifters.   Now I get to class things up a little around here.  I spent a few nights setting up this brandy snifter shot so I cold super impose my own elegance!  These are just a sneak peak.  Keep a lookout for the finals on the homepage very soon!

This is Humphrey (dog) and my friend Patrick.  Humphrey is modeling one of our FredFred flame pattern leather dog collars.

Some more "no-joke elegance" of Humphrey wearing his awesome FredFred flames leather dog collar.