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Uncle Scrooge's Dime

If you're of my generation, you would have run home right after middle school to catch the latest episode of Duck Tales.  Scrooge McDuck was the wealthiest Duck in the whole world.  He loved his money and his three nephews; Hewey, Dewey and Lewey.  His greatest possession in the world was his Lucky Dime, the dime that started his fortune.

My version of Uncle Scrooge's dime is the first belt buckle I ever made.  I made it on a first date.  You can read about the story here. Though the belt buckle doesn't have any special powers it does evoke some pretty vivid memories... hunched over a plaster mold, using a blow torch to melt some pewter pellets I got from a craft catalog.  All of it happening in my parents backyard in DC.  It was the start of everything I would pour my heart into for the next seven years.  It's been well worth it!