Zombie Photoshoot

This Saturday we had out third company lifestyle photoshoot.  It involved Zombies.  Can't wait for everyone to see the final photos live on the site.  We hired a professional makeup artist to turn me and some friends into the walking dead.  And Keith and Jenna came up with an amazing concept for the shoot.  Basically I have the best friends a guy could hope for.

Here are some shots of the day.  Stay tuned for the artistic stuff.

Patrick with his super adorable new puppy, Humphrey.

Out photographer, Keith Lane, being attacked by the living dead.

Me in Zombie makeup.  I think I look pretty good dead.

When Zombie Peggy shows up that's when the party really gets started.

Zombie Jessica was a trooper.  She tolerated a long photo-shoot the day before running the Marine Corp Marathon.

Zombie Katie made us an amazing squash spice something bread.  She was about to leave with the remaining bread, but I had to accost her and snatch it back.  I am still snacking on it.

Zombie Emily played my zombie love interest.  Even zombies get down under the mistletoe (hint hint).

Zombie Nick.  He was the only other zombie besides myself that kept his makeup on all day.

Humphrey was such a good buddy all day.  He only had one little accident, but he's learning.  See that fancy new collar he's wearing... a FredFred dog collar original.

In other news.... This is Dustin.  He is up in Boston braving the cold weather today running our SOWA Open Market event.  He dressed up in full costume for the show's costume contest.  We work with some amazing people!!!