There is a well known institution in Rhode Island called Iggy's Doughboys, where Iggy's sells Doughboys.  Doughboys are kinda like a doughnut, but without the hole.  Powdered sugar, chocolate, etc are all common toppings.  Seeing as I am only in Rhode Island for one more day I needed to hit up my local haunt.

We arrived just before the storm.  OMINOUS, isn't it!

I was a little piggy, I ordered a lobster roll, three clam cakes, a cup of New England clam chowder, and a coffee milk. Coffee Milk is only found in Rhode Island.  If you read the ingredients you quickly learn it has nothing to do with coffee, but still tastes like it.  It comes as a syrup and you mix it with milk, just like chocolate syrup, except WAY better!