Mom Weekend

My mom turned 65 today, and she does not look it.  She still runs her own general contracting business and still swings a hammer with the guys she employs.  It's kept her young and strong and I'm grateful.  Most parents settle into retirement about this age.  My parents, however, are still doing all the renovations on their house in Rhode Island by themselves.

This week I'm up in Rhode Island visting them for the celebration and just enjoying the water.

My sister and I grew up spending summers here.  Seems posh to have a beach house, but this little beach neighborhood is very much working-class.  There's not a lot of fru-fru here.  I greatly dislike fru-fru.

When I was about 8 I didn't have many friends in Rhode Island so my mom put a sewing machine in front of me and taught me the basics.  I made hats, pillows, big pillows, little pillows, littler pillows, a game case for my Nintendo video games, and more pillows... they were easy to make for a beginner.

If someone asks me how I got started in design I guess this is it.

Just a little self portrait.  I kinda like a composition.