My Interns Will Destroy Your Interns Any Day!

Heat index has us near 115.  UV warning.  Pollutant warning.  It is one of those rare days we decided not to sell at Eastern Market but instead stayed in the workshop and are working on making hundreds of wrist cuffs for the Christmas Season.

Matt is a first year intern.  He's learning the ropes and seeing what it takes to make a business successful.

Palmer is a second year intern.  Last year he was working with us in my parent's garage.  We're happy he stayed with us!  That's some serious dedication!

This is John Paul, who owns  He is hanging out in the workshop and escaping the heat as well.  We all met at a show a few years ago and both realized their are few people that are obsessed with their companies as we are.

And saving the best for last, Jeff Ball, President of the operation.  Jeff took a big chance on me.  I once told Jeff of how I hoped we could grow the company enough that I could pay him a salary.  He took that quiet seriously, quitting his job and living off his savings for over a year until we could get the company far enough that I could pay him a modest salary.  It was rough.  We were broke.  We made it work.

Two years later and I couldn't run the operation without him.  And now it truly is an operation.