Nickel in L.A.

Lovine (aka Paul of Paul and Kat) came to visit me at the Renegade LA event, and brought Nickel (aka the original Hipster Dog).  It was quite the nice surprise.  Apparently Kat lives in San Fran and Paul lives in L.A. and they commute back and forth to see each other.  Very romantic!  When you meet them you instantly realize this couple could finish each others sentences.

On this Cali trip I got to see Nickel in both cities.  Nickel is one of those special dogs that came into the lives of Paul and Kat unexpectedly.  They weren't looking for a dog, but they seemed to be the only one to take him.  Long story short, it was meant to be.  Of the people I know who claim an intense soul-bond with their animals it always seems that the animal finds them in a way.  Just like really good human relationships, they come about when you aren't looking or from unexpected places.

It sounds weird to say, but I try hard not to look.  It's quite challenging, but every amazing relationship I've had, both with friends, girlfriends, and animals has come when I was not looking for one, when I was just letting life happen... saying 'yes' to new possibilities.

Now the good stuff, some awesome Nickel photos from L.A.  With me is my friend Jasmine from college.  We reconnected after 10 years, and shit stayed the same... keeping it stupid.

Nickel decided to play 'Humpy Dance' with me.

The tongue sticking out is the best!

It took forever to keep a straight face.

We're trying to look stoic, is it working?