Yosemite pt.1

More photos of Yosemite once I get them off the camera, but for now enjoy the update.

In-between our Cali shows my friend, Mike, and I did some hiking in Yosemite.  The first day we inadvertently picked a rather touristy hike, so the second day we made sure to pick a more arduous one, only to discover there was a road that leads people to the top of the mountain we spent all day hiking to.  So when we arrived to the top of our breath taking view we were bombarded by Rascals and Hoverrounds.  Need I say more.

The Hostel we stayed at covered all the beds with plastic, in case we had accidents.  Very kind of them!  It made me laugh.  Then we made howling noises to freak out the people in the hostel cabins around us.

I finally got to see my waterfall.  I jumped the barrier and climbed the slippery rocks to get as close to the slash-down point as I could.  I was getting soaked just by the mist alone.  It was amazing.  You could hear nothing but the crash of the water on the rocks.

After two days in Yosemite we headed back to LA, where I am composing this blog, to prepare for this next weekends Renegade Craft Fair in LA.

Some things to note about the Econolodge we stayed in.

1. Dirt Cheap

2. Shower so powerful it will blast the dirt right off you.

3. Terrible Wifi

4. If the number on your room is gone they will replace it with a print-out taped to the door.  This gave me a good laugh as we left.

5. Lots of Wal-Mart drivers stay at the Econolodge.