I'm in the eye of the storm again, where I get a moment of peace and clarity just before a series of big events.  The next two weekends, with 9 shows, bring in all the money needed to prepare for the Christmas season.

It's a lot of pressure, but I truly believe that when faced with a challenge, we have all the tools we need to meet that challenge.  So, I am anxious, but not nervous.  Nervous ended a while ago, when I was unsure if people would like our graphic belts.  Now I am confident in what we do, and I just need to remember to keep moving forward in a positive manner, one that benefits all the people with whom I come in contact.  It's Karma, for lack of a better term.

I had a whole list of awesome Karmatic things that happened because I kept a positive outlook or  did the right thing when the wrong thing would have seemed more fun or helped someone out,  but Karma is more elusive than that.  It's power is much more indirect and it's effect much bigger than a tit-for-tat accounting.  Also, I'd like to keep some of those moments close to the heart and not blast them in cyberspace.

This next challenge will crumble before us, because we have the right people, the right thinking, and the right goals.  We also now have a George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine in the workshop, which is making a world of difference.

I just came across this old photo, which for some reason got me thinking about Karma.