The Wye House

Two of my very best friends, David William (aka D.Billy) and Nathan Manuel, will be exhibiting their collaborative collection entitled "A History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations" at the Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA from June 3-26

They chose my family's home as one of their pieces.  It certainly seems to be a nodal point of activity.  Luckily I have amazing parents that allow me to constantly take over their home for everything from pig roasts to art projects, where I jigsawed into both a leather chair and wood table, attempting to MacGyver them into saw horses.
David and Nathan have passed through those doors many times, either to help me with my projects or on their way to one of theirs.

You would be well served to check out their artwork.  Show description below.

About the gallery show:

"D.Billy & Nathan Manuel manipulate found objects, images, and texts, and stage & record ridiculous situations to create very important artworks swathed in outdated pop-cultural and art-historical references, interwoven with half-baked conceptual and narrative threads, and rife with inside jokes and trivial amusements.

Their exhibition at Vox Populi, A History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations, draws connections between the cities in which they have lived and worked -- New York and Washington DC -- and the city of Philadelphia, in which they have not."