T-shirt Time!

Yesterday we finished our first T-shirt photoshoot of the new year.  We're launching a few new T-shirts in the next few days, and I thought it would be fun for people to see a little behind-the-scenes montage of one of our super extra professional shoots.

Thanks to Keith Lane, photographer extraordinaire.

A rare photo of my sister, Pamela, and I not making goofy faces.  I'm very proud of her.  She is killing it as a real estate agent in DC.  Check her out... http://www.pamelawye.com/

See what I mean, silliness when we get together.

Intense super serious art direction going on here.

Doing the "Creep"

Full photo setup in my parents living-room, which was formerly the Shipping and Receiving Department before we moved to our new workshop.

Mom ruining my JCPennys style of modeling.

My family!  We were supposed to all be making a crazy face.  I was the only one taking it seriously.