The Prosecution Rests!

Saturday I ate Banana Bread French Toast at a DC restaurant called Matchbox, and helped my friend Anna with her mock trial for lawyering school.  I played Doctor Gunner S. Nagy, Chief Pathologist.  I had a bunch of back story and rehearsed my time on the stand.

It was a ton of fun.  I got to mentally whoop the defendants (the opposing team) who tried to railroad me with some logic arguments.  I prevailed and sent them packing.  Maybe I could have been a lawyer.  The defendants even complemented me on my time on the stand.

Looking smooth!!!

I feel like an adult in this picture.  What you can't tell is that I am wearing skinny jeans, a velvet jacket, and some pimp Gravis loafers with red socks.  POWER OUTFIT!

I had a suit picked out, but in order to feel my most confident on the stand I had to dress in my own style.