Super... what?

So my friends were testing my football knowledge... Where are the Packers from? Answer: Green Bay.  How many points do you get for a touchdown? Answer: 6

I know the basics... BASICS!  At Superbowl parties I go for the social aspect and in the case of tonight I went for the Chili and to play with my friend Leah's cat, Stanley.   I'm a dog person, but I do have a soft spot for all furry animals.

What I really enjoy about football is the highlights and the back-stories.  Football is interesting to me as a game of chess; head coaches training their players and then setting them out for battle.  That stuff makes it interesting.  But during the actual games my mind wanders to creative endeavors and the challenges I have for myself in the coming year.  One of them... be more selfless and more selfish.  It would take a long time to explain that dichotomy, so just stay tuned and watch it play out in the blog this year.

Well, off to the drafting board.  This Superbowl fan has to work on a new t-shirt and guitar strap design.