I speak to you from the future!!!

I speak to you from many years in the future.  My hair line is still rock solid, thanks to a combination of drugs and good genes.  I now have a pet Zebra that is named FreeWilly.  And I live in a sky ship, that doubles as a European disco on Saturdays... fuel for a sky ship is expensive.

Behold what the future brings...

Sneak peak at a new t-shirt design coming out called Ursa Major, by Priscilla Wilson. The belt version was released just before Christmas.

A new hoodie based on a painting from new artist, Sara Restler.

This is a doodle Jeff came up with to describe his idea for a NYC specific t-shirt.  Personally I think it looks amazing and should not be altered, but Jeff is convinced it's going to bring down the company.  If you would like to see this become a t-shirt please let me know.  I would love any excuse to print it.