This just made me happy today!  Auto-Reverse!!!  As a kid, listening to my Wierd Al tapes on long family car trips, this was the most awesome feature. "You mean when it gets to the end of the tape it starts playing the other side!!!"  CRAZY AWESOME TECHNOLOGY!

Now it's a relic in my parents station wagon.  I borrow the wagon to go to the workshop when Jeff has the day off.  I let him use the company Minivan (named Mini to confuse people into thinking I own a Mini Cooper) because he lives an hour and a half away by public transit and 15 min away by car.  Shouldn't that be reversed.

I think life is about the small things, like relishing aut0-reverse.  The big things don't ever seem to satisfy me.  It's the small in-between moments that I like the most.  Without those the big moments don't feel as rich.  It's like eating a cupcake with out the icing, what's the point.